Mr John William Thompson

John Thompson

Mr John William Thompson, 42, was born in Liverpool on 6 April 1871 (1).

When he signed-on to the Titanic 6 April 1912, he gave his address as 26 Howe St., Liverpool. He had previously served on the Castleford. As a fireman he received monthly wages of £6.

John Thompson later recalled that, after he and some other firemen had gone on deck after the collision, Leading Fireman William Small ordered them back below, apparently to go back to the boiler rooms.

Thompson was rescued in the swamped collapsible A, he was later transferred to lifeboat 14. Somehow he broke his arm in his struggle to survive in the water, but didn't notice until he had to climb up the rope ladder into the Carpathia.


Thomas Whiteley, John Thompson and other survivors in New York

Articles and Stories

Worcestershire Chronicle (1912) 
Chicago Inter Ocean (1912) 
Southern Daily Echo (1912) 


Brian Ticehurst, UK
Bill Wormstedt, USA
Chris Dohany, USA


1. It is likely that his parents were Robert Thompson (dock labourer) and his wife Ann.

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