Mr Henry Joseph Bailey

Mr Joseph Henry Bailey, 43, was born on 22nd June 1865.

In 1912 he lived at of Oswood Rd, Southampton.

Bailey was put in command of lifeboat 16.

Ernest Archer: We lowered the boat, and my mate pulled at the releasing bar for both falls, and that cleared the boat, and we started to pull away.
Senator Bourne: Having about 50 passengers in the boat and only your mate and yourself?
Ernest Archer: Yes, sir; the master-at-arms came down after us. He was the coxswain.
Senator Bourne: He came down one of the ropes?
Ernest Archer: Yes, sir; came down the fall.
Senator Bourne: He was sent by an officer?
Ernest Archer: I presume he was sent by an officer.
Senator Bourne: To help fill up your complement?
Ernest Archer: He said he was sent down to be coxswain of the boat.
Senator Bourne: And he took charge?
Ernest Archer: He took charge.
(US Senate Inquiry)

Bailey died on 12th March 1943.

For detailed information about his life see Senan Molony's article Master and Commander: Titanic's Surviving Master-at-Arms Revealed.


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