Juliette Marie Louise Laroche

Juliette Laroche

Mrs Joseph Laroche (Juliette Marie Louise Lafargue), 22, was born in Paris on born 20 October 1889 the daughter of widower Monsieur Lafargue, a wine seller of Villejuif, France.

She boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg with her husband Joseph and daughters Louise and Simonne. Juliette was pregnant at the time of the disaster 1.

Joseph died in the sinking but his family were saved (possibly in lifeboat 10).

Juliette died in Paris, France on 10 January 1980.


1. Joseph LeMercier Laroche, Jr. was born 17 December 1912, he married to a Mlle Claudine _?. He died 17 January 1987. Claudine and Joseph had several children who are the only living descendants of this family.

Newspaper Articles

Excelsior (2 May 1912) Le Chicago a ramené hier au Havre des survivants du Titanic
Le Matin (3 May 1912) Une Rescapée du Titanic


Back of memorial card in memory of Joseph Laroche
Brochure saved from the Titanic by mme Laroche
Genuine White Star Line envelope saved by Mme Laroche
Laroche Family
Liner France
Souvenir card
Louise Laroche and actor Paul Rudd in Paris
Restaurant à la Carte coupon (front)
Restaurant à  la Carte coupon (back)
S.S. Chicago
Tianic postcard bought by Mme Laroche
(1912) Juliette Laroche with her children
(1912) Memorial card for Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche, 1912
Front picture of a memorial card in memory of Joseph Laroche
(1912) The Laroche family
(1996) Louise Laroche in 1996
(1997) Louise Laroche at her home

Documents and Certificates

List or Manifest of Alien Passengers for the United States Immigration Officer At Port of Arrival (Date: 18th-19th June 1912, Ship: Carpathia), National Archives, New York; NWCTB-85-T715-Vol. 4183.
(1912) Contract Ticket List, White Star Line (Southampton, Queenstown), National Archives, London; BT27/776,780

Letters and Diaries

(1912) Letter Re: Laroche Family


Mrs Weisz on the Carpathia


Judith Geller (1998) Titanic: Women and Children First, Haynes
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  1. Laura Melinda Varjo said:

    The Laroches were travelling from France to Haiti, where Joseph was from. It was Joseph's mom who bought them a surprise ticket, and Juliette, in return bought gifts for her, which she was carrying on the Titanic. Did they ever meet ? Has the grandma ever saw her two , later three little grandchildren ? Laura

  2. Bob Godfrey said:

    In 1920 Joseph's mother travelled to France to meet her grandchildren (and her daughter-in-law) for what was I think the first and only time. It seems that this meeting was not a very happy occasion and they parted more as strangers than family. Olivier Mendez can probably tell you more.

  3. Laura Melinda Varjo said:

    Thank you for this information, I didn't know that Joseph's mom travelled all the way up to France to visit her daughter in law and grandchildren, that was nice of her. But I wonder as to why they parted, instead of being there for each other, when both had lost the same person they loved. Oh well. Thanks again. Laura

  4. Grant Woollacott said:

    It is noted in the biography of Mrs. Laroche that she was pregnant at the time of the sinking and gave birth to a Joseph Laroche Jr. later in 1912. It is also noted that he married a women named Claudine she is alive but he has since died and they had several children together. Dose anyone happen to know the names of these children?

  5. Linda Walker said:

    Is there a new Titanic movie coming out and will the movie show the Laroche family? The Laroche family should have been in the 1997 Titanic movie. Joseph Laroche was the only black passenger and died in the sinking of Titanic.

  6. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    >>Is there a new Titanic movie coming out and will the movie show the Laroche family?

  7. Adam Went said:

    I'd suggest that interest in the Titanic will be restored in the lead up to, and following the centenary in April 2012 - perhaps there will be more movie ideas floated around then....

  8. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    >>perhaps there will be more movie ideas floated around then....

  9. Adam Went said:

    Michael: Well it's always going to be hard to follow up with another Titanic movie after the success of the James Cameron one, because for one thing they will inevitably be compared - however, milestones often play a large part in successful projects so I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of Titanic film appear around 2012, even if it's just a made for TV one as you say. Or perhaps even a second GOTA-style documentary....

  10. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    >>Or perhaps even a second GOTA-style documentary....

  11. Adam Went said:

    Michael: Interesting stuff! They really need to try and get as much footage from inside the wreck as possible now, because in another 5 or 10 years it might be too late. Just hopefully she will hang in there until the centenary atleast. Wonder if Bob Ballard has any plans to return to the site any time soon? (Yes, we're a bit off topic....)

  12. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    >>Wonder if Bob Ballard has any plans to return to the site any time soon?

  13. avatar

    steven p greiner said:

    From what I have read, I have heard that there will be a 3-dimensional image of the ship that will measure thicknesses of decks, bulkheads, and hull, and will project it into a 3-d image for posterity, showing images, or at least shapes of the interior contents. Now that sounds pretty cool, but does that technology really exist? I have seen many articles on the web about this, with woods hole returning there this summer, sans Ballard of course.

  14. Adam Went said:

    Michael: Well I suppose Bob is getting on for 70 years old now and might want to wind the roster down a bit as well, but it'd still be good.....actually it would have been good to have had a 25th anniversary of the discovery reunion this September or something, though clearly that's not in the pipeline! Steven: Very high-tech, though wouldn't it be easier to try and create that image using original photos and dimensions? Would imagine it'd be easier, not to mention more accurate, than trying to do it on a ship that's been 2.5 miles underwater for 100 years.....still, if they're... Read full post

  15. avatar

    steven p greiner said:

    I have no doubt that it will be hyped, perhaps over hyped, to satisfy many different agendas. not the least being James Cameron's 3-D release. One must wonder what the condition of the North Atlantic shall be April 15, 2012. I doubt that any ships at the location of the wreck will be sitting in a calm sea enjoying cocktails on deck on that particular day. The North Atlantic will have the last word.

  16. avatar

    steven p greiner said:

    Oh, and Adam, I think the idea was to catalog and document the current condition of the wreck in a more precise, hi-tech way before it is too late, and also compare it with current data to calculate rate of deterioration.

  17. Adam Went said:

    Steven: Ah righteo, thanks for that. Yes, it'll be interesting to see what the ocean has to serve up on April 15, 2012. If it's rough, it'll be scary - if it's calm, a-la a century earlier, it'll be eerie!

  18. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    >>Well I suppose Bob is getting on for 70 years old now and might want to wind the roster down a bit as well...

  19. Adam Went said:

    Michael: Well, 70 by the time the centenary comes around anyway!

  20. Linda Walker said:

    Click on: Print Haiti-born Nashville Actor Max Desir Takes Historic Approach to Role in TITANIC THE MUSICAL - Printer-Friendly... Read full post

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