Mrs Laṭīfah al-Ba'qlīnī

Mrs Sulaymān Dāwūd al-Ba'qlīnī (Latifa al-Hajj Qurban Baclini), 24, was born in Schweir, Syria (now Lebanon).

Latifa boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg with her three daughters: Eugenie, Helene Barbara and Maria Catherine. They were travelling from their home in Syria (now Lebanon - they would have considered themselves to be Lebanese) to join Latifa's husband who was already in New York. They were not originally scheduled to travel on the Titanic but Maria developed conjunctivitis (pick eye) and they had to abandon plans to board their original ship in Cherbourg, until it cleared up.

The Titanic was the first available ship when they were ready to resume their journey so they booked passage in third class. Travelling with them was Miss Adele Jane Kiamie Najib who was going to the United States to be married. Mrs Baclini was serving as her chaperone since Miss Najib was only in her teens.

When the collision occured Mrs Baclini knew something was wrong and somehow made her way with her daughters and Miss Najib to the boat deck. Supposedly, when they were boarding Collapsible C, the officer loading the boat would not let Miss Najib on because she was not a "blood relative" of Mrs Baclini. However, Mrs Baclini insisted that she could not arrive in America having saved herself and her daughters and tell Miss Najib's family that she had to leave her behind. They finally let Miss Najib on the boat. This conversation had to have taken place in either French or Arabic since neither Mrs Baclini nor any of the others spoke English.

Mrs Baclini's husband did not know his wife and daughters were on the Titanic until after they arrived in New York. Mrs Baclini lived in New York for the rest of her life. She died in 1962 and is buried with her husband in St. John's Cemetery.

Another child, David Baclini, was born on 28 January 1913 and claimed to be the first child conceived by a survivor after the sinking of the Titanic. David died in Brooklyn, NY (?1986) and is buried with his parents.



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