Mme. Léontine Pauline Aubart

Léontine Pauline  Aubart

Mme. Léontine Pauline Aubart (known as "Ninette"), 24, was born in Paris on 20 May 1887.

A Singer, she lived at 17 Rue Le Sueur, Paris, France. She boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg with her maid Emma Sägesser . She occupied cabin B-35 (ticket number PC 17477, £69 6s). Mme. Aubart (often misspelled Aubert) was the mistress of millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim who was also aboard. She and her maid  were rescued, probably in lifeboat 9.

After coming aboard the Carpathia she sent a Marconigram to Paris on 18 April 1912:

Aubart 42 rue Monge Paris
Moi sauvee mais Ben perdu (I'm saved but Ben lost)

Some other Telegrams were not transmitted because the operators could not cope with the tremendous workload following the disaster.

Aubart 42 rue Monge Paris
Sauvée (Saved)
Ninette Aubart

Pascaline 17 Lesueur Paris

Berthe Segesser 30, Charles Baudelaire Paris
Sauvée Amities Emma (Saved Love Emma)

In later life, it is said, that Madame Aubart held parties during the twenties that were ended by police.

Leontine Pauline Aubart died on 29 October 1964, aged 77. She is buried at St Vincent Cemetery, Paris, France


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Daily Mirror (1912) 
New York Times (1912) 

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