Ling Hee

Mr Ling Hee, 24, came from Hong Kong, he was unmarried.

Hee was travelling to New York City with eight colleagues from the Donald Line's Annetta.  He was a fireman.

While it has been alleged that some or all were stowaways on the Titanic, in fact all eight boarded the Titanic at Southampton as fare-paying third class passengers. Lee Bing, Chang Chip, Choong Foo, Ling Hee, Ah Lam, Len Lam, Fang Lang and Lee Ling travelled together on the same ticket (ticket number 1601, £56 9s 11d)

Ling Hee was rescued.

After arrival in America aboard the Carpathia, the Chinese survivors left for Cuba on 20 April aboard the Donald Line's Annetta

It is understood Ling Hee was later forced to leave England and travelled to Calcutta, India

The story of the six Chinese sailors is told in the 2021 documentary The Six.

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