Miss Mabel Helen Fortune

Mabel Helen Fortune

Miss Mabel Helen Fortune, 23, was born 3 November 1888, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the daughter of Mark and Mary Fortune.

Mabel was described as blithe, unselfconscious and highly strung, she was attractive but spoiled. Much to her parents chagrin, she had fallen in love with a jazz musician from Minnesota, Harrison Driscoll. By inviting her to come to Europe with the family, Mark and Mary Fortune had hoped to stifle the romance by taking Mabel away for several months.

She boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a first class passenger. She travelled with her parents, her two sisters, Alice Elizabeth and Ethel Flora, and her brother, Charles Alexander Fortune. They occupied cabins C-23-25-27.

Her father and brother were lost in the sinking but the women were rescued, probably in lifeboat 10.

After the disaster she married Driscoll in 1913 and they had a son, Robert. But the marriage didn't last long. Shortly afterwards, Mabel left her husband to live with another woman she had met in Ottawa, Charlotte Armstrong. She put her son in boarding school, and for the rest of her life lived with Armstrong in Victoria, British Columbia.

Mabel Fortune photographed in 1931
Courtesy: Alan Hustak, Canada

Mabel Driscoll (née Fortune), died in Victoria, British Columbia on February 19, 1968 at the age of 79.


Articles and Stories

Unidentified Newspaper (1968) 
Washington Times (1912) 
New York Times (1912) 
Manitoba Free Press (1912) 

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Mrs Robert Driscoll (Mabel Fortune''s daughter-in-law)
Pat Cook, USA
Peter Engberg-Klarström, Sweden
Phillip Gowan, USA
Alan Hustak, Canada

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