Margaret Edith Graham

Margaret Graham

Miss Margaret Edith Graham was born on 16 Febuary 16, 1893, in Wheeling, West Virginia. She was the daugther of William Thompson Graham (1851 - 1932) and his wife Edith Ware Junkins (1852 - 1924). Margaret had six siblings, William Townsend (b. 1876), Mary (b. 1879), Nellie Alice (b. 1881), John Joseph (b. 1882), Alice (b. 1884), Samuel Junkins (b. 1886), and Margaret Edith (b. 1893). Soon after Margaret's birth, the Graham family moved to Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut. Margaret's father, William Thompson Graham, was a wealthy businessman, the President of the American Can Company, who had been one of the original backers of the 'Dixie Cup'. This simple invention boosted the Graham finances still further and, by the beginning of the twentieth century, they were comfortably established in Greenwich, Connecticut. In 1912 they lived in Greenwich, CT.

Margaret, her mother and governess Elizabeth Weed Shutes boarded the Titanic at Southampton. Margaret and Elizabeth occupied cabin C-125, her mother was in C-91.

When the Titanic hit the iceberg, Margaret was nibbling at a Chicken sandwich. Shutes asked a passing crewman if anything was wrong, the answer was 'No'. Then she looked at Margaret, who was so uneasy that the chicken kept falling from the bread.

Margaret, her mother ans Miss Shutes were helped to lifeboat 3 by Howard B. Case and Washington Augustus Roebling II. As the boat landed they watched Case calmly leaning against the rail, lighting a cigarette and waving goodbye.

Afterwards, Margaret returned home to Greenwich and within two years Margaret married on 6 June 1914 to Mr Eugene M. Moore, the senior executive of a famous law firm, located in Stratford, Connecticut. Mrs Moore was active with the American Red Cross during World War II, and was active in local civic life thoughout her life. The couple had three children, Margaret (b. 1916), Eugene Maxwell Moore (1917 - 2009), and William (1922 - 2003).

Margaret Grahahm Moore in 1920
(Courtesy of NARA / Gavin Bell)

Margaret died on 26 April 1976, She was buried in Putnam Cemetery, in her hometown of Greenwich.

Courtesy of Michael A. Findlay, USA

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Eugene Maxwell Moore, husband of Margaret Graham
Eugene Maxwell Moore, husband of Margaret Graham
Eugene Maxwell Moore, husband of Margaret Graham
Graves of Mrs. Edith Graham and daughter Margaret Graham Moore
Margaret Graham Moore
Margaret Graham Moore
(2004) Moore family head stone, Putnam Cemetery, Greenwich, New York
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  1. Mike Herbold said:

    In the large book "Extra Titanic", The Story of the Disaster in the Newspapers of the Day, from the collections of Eric Caren and Steve Goldman, the special issue of "The Daily Graphic" dated April 20, 1912, is reprinted in full. On page 4, there is a picture of Margaret Graham -- the same picture that is shown on her E.T. bio. The Daily Graphic caption reads: Miss Margaret Graham, a well-known Californian actress.--Known to be saved." Her E.T. bio mentions nothing about being from California or being an actress. Does anyone have any info to that effect? Mike

  2. Gavin Bell said:

    Dear Mike Although I do not have the book you speak of I do have the issue of "The Daily Graphic" dated April 20, 1912 that you speak of. I have also noticed this. I actually think that Margaret may have been an actress and I think (I stress think) that this is mentioned in the Haas and Eaton book 'Triumph and Tragedy. I have heard nothin about her supposed California connection, however. Nevertheless, and in reply to your message about John James Borebank also, I have many of these old newspapers and many photographs are captioned incorrectly. For example, one paper I have shows a... Read full post

  3. Daniel Rosenshine (Danielr) said:

    Margaret Graham was most certainly an actress. Miss Dorothy Gibson usually stole the light when conversation reached actresses on the Titanic, but Miss Graham was most certainly one too. Daniel.

  4. Mike Herbold said:

    Thanks Cameron and Daniel: Found a different profile picture of her in "Triumph and Tragedy", page 145, but still no mention of being an actress or a Californian. You're absolutely correct about mistakes in the Daily Graphic -- e.g., pg. 9, "Mr. Ryerson -- Who was making the journey from England to attend the funeral of a daughter in Philadelphia." By the way, I noticed "Extra Titanic" is available at I'll rule out Borebank from my Californian list, but let me know if you come across anything on Miss Graham being an actress and/or Californian. Mike (an interested... Read full post

  5. avatar

    Phillip Gowan said:

    Mike, I asked Margaret Graham's granddaughter about the article mentioned above and she said that her grandmother was never an actress and never lived in California. I'd put my money on confusion between Margaret and Dorothy Gibson. The granddaughter, who now lives in Manhattan, is very knowledgeable about Titanic and has a copy of the article in question.

  6. Mike Herbold said:

    Thanks Phllip. I'll move her back to my regular binders. Thanks to you my binders of Californians was getting too big anyway. I'm mailing you another present tomorrow, but it's still not the one we're hoping for. Mike

  7. avatar

    mark said:

    I am new to this as far as posting a message. I wanted to ask Phillip Gowan who Margaret Graham's grandaughter was that lives in Manhattan? Mark

  8. avatar

    mark said:

    Margaret Graham had three children: Margaret, Eugene, and Williams, are they still living. Does anyone know anything about them? Mark

  9. Arne Mjåland said:

    According to the obituary about Margaret Graham Moore in Greenwich Time April 27 1976 she left as mentioned in her ET biography three children. She also left 12 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Have anybody met any of them? The law firm her husband Eugene worked for was Manning, Maxwell & Moore. He died in 1930.

  10. Martin Williams said:

    Many thanks to Michael Poirier for contributing the lovely photograph of Margaret to Encyclopedia Titanica. It is always great to see a new shot of one of the more obscure passengers. And, if I'm correct in thinking that this is actually an American passport photograph (which, then or now, are not noted for being terribly forgiving), then Margaret must have been something of a looker in the flesh. What do we know about Margaret and her mother, Edith? A preliminary Google reveals that the Grahams were very affluent indeed. Edith's husband, William Thompson Graham, was a wealthy businessman,... Read full post

  11. Carole Lindsay said:

    Martin, Can you tell me the date of the Vanity Fair article? Thanks!

  12. avatar

    Mike Poirier said:

    They may have known Lambert Williams and the Taylors due to their connection to the American Can Company.

  13. Martin Williams said:

    You can read the 'Vanity Fair' article I mentioned here: Purely by chance, I had a copy of the magazine knocking around at home, and so was able to read it in its original format. Sadly, the on-line version does not feature photographs but, on the basis of those I've seen myself, I can add that the Graham mansion once stood in a spectacularly beautiful spot. In its day, it... Read full post

  14. Brian Ahern said:

    Thanks for contributing the link, Martin. I'm not sure if the house bought and torn down by Paul Tudor Jones is the house the Grahams were living in by the time Margaret was married. The article says that that house was built by William Thompson Graham. But Margaret's wedding announcement in the Times listed her parents' home as "Otter Rocks" in Belle Haven, which had at least two owners before the Grahams lived in it. The grandeur and expensiveness of the house made it an object of news to the New York Times every time it sold. In 1901, it was owned by Colonel Albert Hilton and was... Read full post

  15. Martin Williams said:

    Thanks, Brian. It has been some months since I carried out my preliminary (and, in any case, not greatly in-depth) research on the Graham family and the details of where they were living, and when, have since become a little cloudy! The Graham governess, Elizabeth Shutes, perhaps deserves an honorary mention on this thread too. I was quite surprised to learn that she and Margaret did not get on and that she left her post soon after her return to the States. The impression I have derived from her account of the sinking is of an intelligent and articulate woman of some sensitivity. Her... Read full post

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