Miss Margaret Edith Graham

Margaret Graham

Miss Margaret Edith Graham was born on 16 Febuary 16, 1893, in Wheeling, West Virginia. She was the daugther of William Thompson Graham (1851 - 1932) and his wife Edith Ware Junkins (1852 - 1924). Margaret had six siblings, William Townsend (b. 1876), Mary (b. 1879), Nellie Alice (b. 1881), John Joseph (b. 1882), Alice (b. 1884), Samuel Junkins (b. 1886), and Margaret Edith (b. 1893). Soon after Margaret's birth, the Graham family moved to Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut. Margaret's father, William Thompson Graham, was a wealthy businessman, the President of the American Can Company, who had been one of the original backers of the 'Dixie Cup'. This simple invention boosted the Graham finances still further and, by the beginning of the twentieth century, they were comfortably established in Greenwich, Connecticut. In 1912 they lived in Greenwich, CT.

Margaret, her mother and governess Elizabeth Weed Shutes boarded the Titanic at Southampton. Margaret and Elizabeth occupied cabin C-125, her mother was in C-91.

When the Titanic hit the iceberg, Margaret was nibbling at a Chicken sandwich. Shutes asked a passing crewman if anything was wrong, the answer was 'No'. Then she looked at Margaret, who was so uneasy that the chicken kept falling from the bread.

Margaret, her mother ans Miss Shutes were helped to lifeboat 3 by Howard B. Case and Washington Augustus Roebling II. As the boat landed they watched Case calmly leaning against the rail, lighting a cigarette and waving goodbye.

Afterwards, Margaret returned home to Greenwich and within two years Margaret married on 6 June 1914 to Mr Eugene M. Moore, the senior executive of a famous law firm, located in Stratford, Connecticut. Mrs Moore was active with the American Red Cross during World War II, and was active in local civic life thoughout her life. The couple had three children, Margaret (b. 1916), Eugene Maxwell Moore (1917 - 2009), and William (1922 - 2003).

Margaret Grahahm Moore in 1920
(Courtesy of NARA / Gavin Bell)

Margaret died on 26 April 1976, She was buried in Putnam Cemetery, in her hometown of Greenwich.

Courtesy of Michael A. Findlay, USA



Moore  family head stone, Putnam Cemetery,  Greenwich, New York
Margaret Graham Moore
Graves of Mrs. Edith Graham and daughter Margaret Graham Moore

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