Mrs Margaretta Corning Spedden

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Mrs Frederic Oakley Spedden (Margaretta Corning Stone) known as "Daisy" was born in 1872 in Morristown, New Jersey. She lived, with her husband Frederic and son Douglas at Wee Wah Lodge in Tuxedo Park, NY.

Daisy enjoyed photography and travelling and kept detailed diaries of their journeys overseas.

The year after their experience on the Titanic Daisy wrote and illustrated a small storybook that she gave to her son Douglas for Christmas. "My Story" was told through the eyes of a toy bear, and describes the European travels, the sinking of the Titanic and the subsequent rescue.

Following the death of young Douglas in 1915, Daisy stopped writing her diaries but continued with her photography and travels. Daisy and Frederick continued to divide their time between Tuxedo Park and Bar Harbor until Frederick's death in 1947. Daisy died February 10, 1950 at the age of 77.

Some forty years later Mr Leighton H. Coleman III, a relative of Daisy's, discovered Daisy's diaries, photo albums and the storybook in a trunk in the attic. He has had the storybook fully illustrated, and published under the title "Polar, the Titanic Bear".



Mrs. M. Spedden 1922 passport
Margaretta Corning Spedden
Margaretta Corning Spedden

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New York Times (1950) 
New York Times (1950) 
New York Times (1950) 
New York Times (1950) 
New York Times (1947) 
New York Times (1915) 
Devon and Exeter Gazette (1912) 
New York Times (1900) 

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