Miss Mariayam Nakid

The first Titanic survivor to die

Mariayam Nakid

Miss Mariayam Nakid was born in Ihdin, Zaghartā, Lebanon around March 1911.1

She was the first born child of Sa'īd Antūn Nakid (b. 1891) and Wadi'ah Muawwad (b. 1892).

Her paternal grandmother Cattur Habīb Nakid lived in Waterbury, Connecticut and it was decided that she and her family would also settle there. To reach their destination they boarded Titanic at Cherbourg as third class passengers (ticket number 2653 which had cost £15, 14s, 10d).

The family were rescued.

Upon arrival in New York Mariayam and her parents were taken care of in St Vincent's Hospital and was also given clothing and money ($62.30). Her grandmother, who had been unaware that her son and his family were travelling aboard Titanic, hastened to New York to meet them.

Mariayam and her family settled in Waterbury, Connecticut, Anglicising their surname to "Nackid" and she becoming known as Maria.

Maria Nackid soon fell ill and died on 30 July 1912 as a result of meningitis. She was the first person among the 712 Titanic survivors to die and was buried in an unmarked grave in Calvary Cemetery, Waterbury.

Her parents continued to live out the rest of their lives in Waterbury and had five more children: Thomas (1913-1962), John A. (1917-1966), Catherine (1921-1954), Anthony Thomas (1923-2001) and Frederick R. (1926-1988). Her father died in 1926 and her mother in 1963. Her last surviving sibling, Anthony, died in 2001. She still has a large number of family members living in the Waterbury area.


  1. Birth date disputed. Often stated that she was 18 months old in April 1912, placing her time of birth as in the latter months of 1910; her obituary states that she was, at the time of her death, 16-months old, placing her time of birth as February or March 1911 and The Waterbury Republican describes her as 13 months old in April 1912. Her death certificate states that she was born in 1910.


Photograph of the Nakid Family
Waterbury Republican  (1912) 

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Waterbury Republican (1912) 

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