Mrs Zād Naṣr Allāh

Mariana Assaf Khalil

Mariana Assaf Khalil (Zād Naṣr Allāh)1, 45, is thought to have been born in the Syrian village of Kfar Mechi (today Kafr Mishki or, in French, Kfarmechki) in 1867 and emigrated to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1907 or 08. Although she was listed as a pedlar, she was in fact a greengrocer, and by all accounts a sharp businesswoman who sold produce to the carriage trade in the Canadian capital. By 1912 she had made enough money to return to Syria to visit the two sons she had left behind when she first came to Canada.

After a family visit, she was returning aboard Titanic with her cousin, Assāf Jirjis Tu'mah al-Sayqalī, and her nephew, Sulaymān Khalīl 'Atta Allāh. She held third-class ticket number 2696, £7 4s 6d.

Mariana survived the sinking. After her rescue she travelled on to her nephew: David Shaheen, 150 Broad Street, Ottawa, Ontario. Her first person account of the disaster appeared the in the Ottawa Citizen.


  1. Variations on her name include *Marian Khalil Assaf.
  2. Michael Findlay (1998) lists her as Mariana Khalil Assaf, married woman. The "List or Manifest ..." says she was single.

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Titanica! (2018) Titanic: The Disappeared
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Chicago Daily Journal (24 April 1912) SAYS CAPTAIN SHOT STEERAGE PASSENGERS
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    Im elizabet harbour and im this mrs mariana assaf at school!

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    I have reason to believe that we may be related to the Joseph Caram (Ottowa) and Maria Caram (Kfarmishki). Our relative is Nicholas John Karam b. 1861 (Later changed name to Debes). His father is John Karam (sea captain). His father Andrew Karam and his father Dimetrious Karam. All sea captains. Karam in arabic means "honey or molasses". The area of Kfarmishki is noted for their honey. Any further information on the family of Joseph Caram would be appreciated. I think it may be a cousin/nephew to our relative.From stories passed down, there was mention of the one that drowned on the... Read full post

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