Miss Marie Grice Young

Miss Marie Grice Young, 36, from New York, NY, boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg. Travelling as a first class passenger she shared cabin C-32 with Mrs J. S. White. They jointly held Ticket No. PC 17760 (£135, 12s, 8d)

Marie was returning to Washington D.C. where she had once lived. She was an accomplished musician and was once employed as music instructor to Miss Ethel Roosevelt, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt.

New York Herald, 17th April 1912
(Cameron Bell, Northern Ireland)

During the voyage, Miss Young made the acquaintance of carpenter/joiner John Hutchinson. Miss Young was returning to America with some expensive poultry. Each day Hutchinson took her below to check on the chickens. As a reward for his kindness Miss Young tipped him with some gold coins, Hutchinson was very grateful, and exclaimed, ''It's such good luck to receive gold on a first voyage''.

Left to right Marie Young, Ella White and Ella's niece Mrs Harry S. Durand
© Michael A. Findlay / Harry Durand Jr., USA

Miss Young was rescued in lifeboat 8. While on board the Carpathia she began a narrative of the sinking which was later published in the National Magazine.

Following the disaster rumours circulated that Ms Young had conversed with Major Archibald Butt during the sinking. She wrote to the president to set the record clear.

  • Briarcliff Lodge,
    Briarcliff Manor,
    New York.

May 10, 1912

President William H. Taft

Dear Mr President:
I have read an account of the Memorial Service held in Washington recently in honor of Major Archibald Butt, at which service the Secretary of War alluded to a farewell conversation supposed to have taken place between Major Butt and myself. Had such a conversation taken place I should not have delayed one hour in giving you every detail of the last hours of your special Aide & friend.

Although a Washingtonian I did not know Major Butt, having been in deep mourning for several years. The alleged "interview" is entirely an invention, by some officious reporter; who thereby brought much distress to many of Major Butt's near relatives and friends... for when they wrote me of what a comfort the story was to them, I had to tell them it was untrue, as no such deception could be carried through.

They wrote me that through Mrs Sloan's kindness, they obtained my address... and I immediately wrote Mrs Sloan that there was no truth in this newspaper story.

When I last saw Major Butt, he was walking on deck, with Mr Clarence Moore, on Sunday afternoon.

With deep regret that I could not be his messenger to you,
Believe me,
Very sincerely yours
(Miss) Marie G. Young

Ms. Young spent her last days in a rest home in Amsterdam, New York and died 27 July 1959, at the age of 83. She was buried at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery at Hawthorne, New York



Marie Grice Young

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  1. Laurie Platt said:

    Does anyone where Marie Grice Young is buried, she died July 27, 1959 in Amsterdam, NY

  2. Brian Meister said:

    Dear Laurie, Marie Young is buried in Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Pleasantville, Westchester Co., New York. Hope this helps. Brian

  3. avatar

    Shelley Dziedzic said:

    Laurie- just a tip- Marie has no stone, but three other survivors buried there do- Helen Sweeney(1980), Patrick O'Keefe (1939), and Hannah Spollen (1982). You can visit the spot where Marie is interred-. The cemetery is actually right on the Pleasantville /Hawthorne line but is actually in Hawthorne if you ask at the gas station. I have sent all my photos to the TIS archive but the plot number for Marie(ask at the cemetery office) is in Section 41, Block 3, plot 176, grave #1-and don't go in the winter if there's snow on the ground- you can spend a lot of time searching!

  4. Dr. Douglas B. Willingham said:

    Dear Laurie, Brian and Shelley, It is sad, isn't it?, that a lovely, refined and cultured lady--the music teacher of the Roosevelt children, among other things--would lie in an unmarked grave! I became very impressed with Marie Young when she showed such honesty and kindness in making known the fact that contrary to newspaper accounts, she did not witness particular heroics on Major Butt's part, though she told President Taft, in a manner of speaking, that she would certainly be anxious to tell him if she had. Best regards, Doug

  5. Jeffrey M. Kern said:

    I can find enough information regarding Miss Young concerning her doings aboard the Titanic, particularly through her document "Lest We Forget," which I thought she wrote very well. But what of her upbringing and her family? What were the names of her parents? And did she have any siblings? I also have a question concerning her life after the sinking. I knew she lived with her friend, Ella Holmes White, at Briarcliff Lodge in New York; I also know that Ella White lived her latter days at the Manhattan Hotel Plaza. What about Miss Young? I know she ended up in a resting home in Amsterdam, NY,... Read full post

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