Mrs Marie Marthe Jerwan (née Thuillard)

Marie Marthe Jerwan

Mrs Marie Marthe Jerwan-Thuillard (Marie Marthe Thuillard), 23, was born on 28 May 1888 in Switzerland. She had emigrated to America in 1909, where she met and married Armin S. Jerwan, the son of a Turkish clergyman in July 1910. Armin was a corrector at a New York publishing house. She lived together with her husband at 227 West 145th Street, New York.

For some weeks she visited her relatives at Crêt-de-la-Mosse (a farmhouse) at Mont-de-Couvet, Kanton Neuenburg. She had planned to travel back on the Olympic, but when that vessel went back to the builder for repair she changed her mind.

Mrs Jerwan boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a second class passenger. To reach her destination New York, she bought her second class ticket number SC/AH 541 for £13 15s 10d. She occupied a cabin on D-Deck together with Ada A. Ball, a widow from Bristol, England. Noël Malachard, René Jacques Lewy and another man had the opposite cabin of theirs.

At 10.30 pm on sunday evening she was in her cabin and started to read. Suddenly she felt a hard hit and first thought the machines had exploded., because they stood still. She went on Deck, after she had woken her cabin companion Ada Ball. She stayed on deck, because she felt something was wrong. She saw how the seamen made the boats ready for lowering and went back to her cabin. She said to Ada Ball: "Get up, dress, we sink!". Ada fully dressed and left their cabin accompanied by her brother-in-law Rev. Bateman, leaving Marie Jerwan alone. Marie packed, dressed, put a coat around her and a hat on her head, in their bag some necessities and went back. On B-Deck she suddenly heard her name calling. Noël Malachard, René Levy and their room-mate. Malachard said: "We'll take care of you". One Deck up she entered lifeboat 11 helped by Malachard. The boat being lowered, Malachard and the others shouted: "Good bye!".

On the Carpathia she wrote a telegram to her husband

A. S. Jerwan, 227 West 145 New York
Safe on Carpathia

However, because of their tremendous workload the operators never had time to send it.

After arriving at New York she was brought to Sydenham Hospital together with Ada Ball. She stayed just for one day. She tried, without success, to get a compensation for the loss of her property, worth $3364.75.

Armin and Marie Jerwan had no children. In 1964 she turned back to Switzerland for 6 months. For many years she fought cancer and died on 14 September 1974 at the City Hospital, Elmshurst, Queens, New York.

Phillip Gowan, USA
Hermann Söldner, Germany

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Marie Jerwan




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