Mary Anne Perreault

Mary Anne Perreault

Miss Mary Anne Perreault 1, 33, was born in Gaspé, Quebec, Canada on 29 July 1878, the daughter of Joseph Perrault3 and Marie Agnes Smith.

Joseph Perreault and Marie Agnes Smith had been married 21 November 1870, at Douglastown, Quebec.

Anne was baptized at Gaspé, Quebec. Her known siblings were two sisters, Agnes and Celina.

Joseph was a Fisherman. She was one of 5 children. Sisters-Celina, Caroline, Nora and Menney. Her Mother passed away when she was still young and her father remarried Marie Fournier and had a second family with 6 children. They were-Arthur, Joseph Jr., Theophil, Sephrien, Anastase and Agnes. Her stepsister Agnes Perreault passed away in 1996 at the age of 93.

Mary went to work for Mrs. Charles M. Hays as a maid. She travelled extensively on business trips with the family.

In 1912 her address was given as 27 Ontario Avenue, Montreal.

In the Spring of 1912 at age 34, Annie traveled across the Atlantic to London with the Hays family. Whilst in London, as planned, Mr. Hays met with Sir Abe Bailey a wealthy British investor whom was helping to finance his new business venture in Montreal. Sir Abe Bailey had a chauffeur and mechanic named Bert Pickett. As a result of the numerous business meetings between their employers, Bert Pickett and Annie became good friends and during Annie's stay in London they had fallen in love. In early April 1912 Mr. Hay"s business deal had been finalized and he booked for his family, his secretary and their maid to return to New York.

Mary Anne Perrault in December 1912
Mary Anne Perrault
Mary Anne Perrault in December 1945

On 10 April 1912 Anne boarded the Titanic at Southampton. She travelled on the Hays' ticket (No. 12749) and occupied room B-244.

Prior to the Titanic's departure from Southampton, Bert proposed to Annie with his mothers ring and suggested that they marry in the United States when he could gather enough money together. Delighted, Annie accepted his proposal and left London for New York on board the Titanic. Aboard the ship Annie wrote letters to Bert expressing her feelings of overwhelm and excitement against her longing for her fiancee. At 11:40 pm on the 14th of April as disaster struck, Annie was one of the lucky passengers who managed to survive the ordeal and escaped in lifeboat number 135. She was one of the last to get on this boat and had to be pushed on. Safely aboard the rescue ship, R.M.S Carpathia, Annie corresponded with Bert informing him of the tragedy. Eight months after the Titanic disaster, Bert fulfilled his wish and was reunited with his fiancee.

She left Mrs. Hays' employment after the Titanic tragedy.

Anne's fiancé Bert Pickett arrived in New York that same year and they were married on 9 December 1912 in Trenton, New Jersey. Bert worked as a Mechanic. He was employed by the Mercer Automobile Company and later left and opened his own Garage in Trenton, New Jersey.

Anne had numerous miscarriages but eventually had one son, Earnest, who was born on 10 January 1919 when she was aged 42.

The family moved to Rodeo, California around 1928 and opened a 'Mom and Pop' roadside stand that sold food and gasoline. Later it was converted into a Standard Oil Company Service Station. She lived at No. 1 Thomas Court, Rodeo until Bert passed away in 1960.

She moved to San Pablo, California and was residing at Church Lane Convalescent Hospital at the time of her death on 18 November 1968 at the age of 90.  She was buried at St. Joseph's Mausoleum, San Pablo, California on 20 November 1968.

She had one Granddaughter, Julanna born on June 11, 1947 and a Great Grandson Todd born on November 11, 1965.

She was a housewife and a very devoted Catholic and she went to Mass every day at St. Paul's Catholic Church, San Pablo.



  1. Sometimes listed in early newspaper accounts as "Miss Pericault".
  2. Birthplace elsewhere given as Saint-Majorique, Quebec.
  3. John Perrault was the spelling given on her death certificate.
  4. She was moved from her originally allocated room of B-73 so Mr Hay's could have closer access to his secretary Mr. Vivian Ponsonby Payne.
  5. Some accounts give the boat number as 3 others 13.

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Mary Ann Perreault
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Letters and Diaries

(1912) Letter from Titanic survivor Annie Perreault to her fiancé
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    Julanna Morris said:

    I am the Grandaughter of Mary Ann Perreault. My name is Julanna Morris. I am the Daughter of Mary Ann's Son, Earnest. I am 59 years old and reside in Orinda, CA not far away from Rodeo, CA where my Grandmother lived with my Grandfather, Bert. Mary Ann was not on lifeboat #3. She was on #13 and not with Mrs. Hays. She was on the opposite side of the ship from her party and boarded the lifeboat without the rest of her party. She was not aware of any of them being saved until she found them on the rescue ship, the Carpathia. I will check other records as I find... Read full post

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