Nikola Lulić

Nikola Lulić

Mr Nikola Lulić was born on 24 February 1883 in the small village Konjsko Brdo, situated in the region of Croatia called Lika. Whilst serving in the Austrian Army, in 1902, he decided to desert and leave for America. He went to Chisholm, Minnesota and worked as a miner in the "Alpena Mine".

In autumn 1911 he came back to Croatia for half a year to visit his family. At this time he already was married for the second time (he had been married (to his first wife Manda for 7 years). His second Marta and his two children lived in Croatia. When it was time to go back to America he served as unofficial companion to other emmigrants who paid his ticket. He helped them with translation and advised them what to expect during the voyage and after arriving in America.

Lulic boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a third class passenger. He was returning to Chisholm, Minnesota and his tick was bought from the agent: Johann Isidor Büchel, Buchs for 170 Swiss francs (ticket number 315098, £8 13s 3d)

Mr Lulic survived the sinking and was rescued by the Carpathia in lifeboat 15. In New York his companion, Jan Jalsevac, gave the circumstances of his rescue:

"as to my friend Nikola Lulic, I have to say, that he was rescued by fetching the cap of a sailor, which he put on his head. So he could make his way to a boat."

After arriving in New York, Lulic went to his uncle Ross Rosinic at 118 Tocence Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. His Americanized name was "Nicola Lulich".

He toured giving lectures about his experience.

After the first world war, Lulic returned to Croatia forever. He earned his living as a farmer but worked many times in France as a seasonal worker between the wars. He was accompanied by his two sons.

Long before his own death, his wife Marta died, so he had to look after the many children of his two marriages alone. In his older days he secluded himself more and more from his fellow inhabitants of Konjsko Brdo.

Nikola Lulic died in 1962 in Perusic, Croatia, aged 79, in the house of his youngest daughter Mara. He is buried in Perusic Cemetery, Croatia.

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Nikola Lulic
Nikola Lulic
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  1. Acocabj said:

    Nikola Lulic is not Croat, hi is Serb from Croatian region Lika. In Lika lives Serbs!!!

  2. 19karo02 said:

    The grandpa of my mum was nicola lulic he was an croat

  3. Anonymous (2018) said:

    He deserted Austrian army because he was a Serb.

  4. Miroslav Novotný said:

    he's my great-great-grandfather and he was not Serb that is sure EDIT: And Lika is populated mostly by Croats

  5. Olga (5105) said:

    He was Serb. Lika region was always populated by Serbs. Nikola Tesla was also Serb From Lika.

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