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Nora Murphy

Miss Norah Murphy was born in Mountjoy, Dublin, Ireland on 11 May 1880.1

She was the daughter of Patrick Murphy (b. circa 1834), a draper, and Catherine Theresa O'Grady (b. 1841) and they had married in St Andrew's Church in Dublin on 3 February 1864. The family were Roman Catholic and from Dublin's North side.

Norah's known siblings were: Mary Julia (b. 1865), Peter Anthony (b. 1867), Mary Catherine (b. 1869), Frances Margaret (b. 1873), Patrick John (b. 1875) and Lillian Angela (b. 1876).

Whilst it is uncertain whether Norah had ever been married she mothered a daughter around 1906 who was ultimately raised by a sister. By the time of the 1911 census Norah was listed as living in Sallins, Co Kildare and was described as an unmarried nursemaid to the family of merchant John Park Healy and his family. Her widowed father Patrick and unmarried sister Frances were still residing in Dublin at 67 Park Avenue, Pembroke.

Norah boarded the Titanic at Queenstown on 11 April 1910 as a third class passenger (joint ticket number 36568 which cost £15, 10s). She was travelling with Michael McEvoy, a native of Queen's County (modern-day Co Laois) over ten years her junior and it has been suggested that they were lovers. Her intended destination was 231 East 50th Street in New York.

Norah was rescued alongside a number of other Irish passengers with whom she was likely acquainted, but the boat number is not certain.

Following her arrival in New York she changed plans from her intended destination and instead decided to travel to the Irish Immigrant Girls' Home at 7 State Street. It is said that she had befriended first class survivor Karl Behr, seemingly whilst aboard Carpathia. He gave her a start and she took up employment as a domestic servant with Karl's father Herman Behr in Manhattan.

Norah was shown on the 1920 census still living in Manhattan and under the employ of Herman Behr but following that she drops off the radar and what became of her is unknown, even to her immediate family.

Back in Ireland her father Patrick died on 13 July 1914.


  1. Age frequently mistaken. For reasons unknown Norah gave her age as 33 on the 1911 census. On the passenger manifest and upon arrival at Ellis Island she gave her age as 32 (she was just a month shy of being 32) and in later census records she removed a few years.

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  1. colettecrowe

    I have been searching for many years for any information on Nora Murphy and would be grateful for any help that anyone can give me. I am Nora's Great Granddaughter, when she sailed on the Titanic she left a daughter in London who was 6 years old called Winifred Gladys, she was my Grandmother and was brought up by Nora's sister.

  2. Paula McGee

    Have you ever discovered the connection between Michael McElroy and Nora Murphy?--Paula McGee

  3. Paula McGee

    Have you ever discovered the connection between Michael McElroy and Nora Murphy?--Paula McGee

  4. mary murphy

    I am Pat Murphy, father of Jo (see below).No relation to Norah (? who knows?). According to "The Irish Aboard Titanic", by Senan Molony pub. 2000, Norah Murphy met tennis star Karl Behr during the rescue, then went to work for Karl's very wealthy father Hermann Behr in New York City. Jo erroneously refers to Michael as McElroy, corrected to McEvoy by relatives of my wife (Mary Ann Murphy) including her aunt Annie McEvoy who financed the ticket for Michael and Norah. Annie was shunned by relatives back in Ireland for her part in the escapade. Was the full name of your grandmother... Read full post

  5. pamela (993)

    im Pamela Murphy nora murphy was my great aunts mother so i guess were related....yay i guess IRISH ROCK THE FLIPPING HOUSE DOWN!!:):)

  6. Robert Kinlan

    Hi. I am the son of Esther McEvoy who was the great niece of Michael and came from Waterford City. This story was told over the years and I recently began doing some research for my grandson as he was interested in the Titanic for school. I hope to able to add something useful in the near future.

  7. colettecrowe

    My grandmother was Winifred Murphy-Day, she added day onto her name as she was bought up by her aunt, her mothers sister, along with her aunts own children...and her aunts married surname was Day. She never spoke about her mother, I only found out from my aunt, my fathers sister and they are no longer with us.

  8. Jackie Langton

    Winifred Gladys Murphy was my nan

  9. Jo Murphy

    I'm Jo Murphy. No relation to Nora, but I'm the great-great niece of Michael McElroy.

  10. Patty McNamara

    Hi. I am also the great-great niece of Michael McEvoy, my great grandmother was Annie Deegan, MIchael's sister.

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Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Miss Nora Murphy
Age: 31 years 11 months and 4 days (Female)
Nationality: Irish
Marital Status: Single
Embarked: Queenstown on Thursday 11th April 1912
Ticket No. 36568, £15 10s
Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday 18th April 1912

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