Mrs Orian Davidson

Orian Davidson

Mrs Thornton Davidson (Orian Hays), 27, was born 18 November 1884 the daughter of Charles Melville Hays and Clara Jennings Gregg, She and her husband, Thorton Davidson were returning to their home in Montreal after a holiday in Paris. Mr and Mrs Davidson occupied cabin B-71. Mr and Mrs Hays occupied cabin B-69.

Orian and Clara were rescued in lifeboat 3 but both their husbands were lost.

Clara later remarried to Robert Newmarch Hickson. After her death on 3 May 1979, she was buried next to her parents and first husband at Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal.




Orian Davidson
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Orian Davidson

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  1. ian Hough said:

    In the bio for Mrs Thornton Davidson (Orian Hays) it states

  2. Ben Holme said:

    Hi Ian, The gravestone provides the correct information. Orian Hays Davidson later remarried to Robert Hickson following the death of her first husband, Thornton, on the Titanic. Her mother, Mrs. Charles (Clara) Hays, never remarried. Regards, Ben

  3. ian Hough said:

    Cheers Ben It's as I thought (a typo) - but just wanted confirmation as its been one of those days when everything I have wanted to do has just gone from bad to worse. Houghie


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