Mr Pierre Maréchal

Pierre Maréchal

Mr Pierre Maréchal, the son of a vice-admiral of the French navy, was born in Paris, France, the son of Eugène Albert Maréchal and Anne Marie Alexandrine Sidonie Deguerry.

Married to Elizabeth and an aviator, he lived in Paris, France and boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a first class passenger (cabin C-47).

On the evening of 14 April Maréchal was playing cards in the Café Parisien, with Alfred Fernand Omont, Paul Chevré and Lucien Philip Smith when the collision took place.

Chevré, Maréchal and Omont were all rescued in lifeboat 7, "When three-quarters of a mile away we stopped, the spectacle before our eyes was in its way magnificent. In a very calm sea, beneath a sky moonless but sown with millions of stars, the enormous Titanic lay on the water, illuminated from the water line to the boat deck. The bow was slowly sinking into the black water."

The men later described their rescue in an article that appeared in Le Matin and The Times.

He died in Paris on 22 February 1942. He is buried in Cimetiere De Baily, Paris, France.



L'aviateur Pierre Marechal
Le Petit Parisien  (1912) 
Pierre Maréchal

Articles and Stories

Titanica! (2009) 
The Washington Times (1912) 
The Times (1912) 
New York Times (1912) 

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  1. Carol Fletez said:

    My daughter, whose last name is now different from mine, believes she may be related to the Pierre Marechal listed in the first class passenger list. She is trying to find out more about him and what happened to him after the Titanic. Her last name is spelled Marichal. If you have more facts about him, please send them to my email address. Many Thanks! Carol Fletez Maryland

  2. Gavin Bell said:

    Does anyone have information on Pierre Marechal's further whereabouts after the disaster? Please send any details as to when and where he died. Thanks Cameron Bell

  3. Alijack said:

    I know someone who is related to Pierre Marechal (distantly). Can you tell what your interest is Please

  4. Charles Provost said:

    Did Pierre Maréchal ever let a decent account of his experiences on the Titanic in the family? If so, do you know if the account was published? I would be very interested to read it. Much appreciated. Charles

  5. Andrew Maheux said:

    anybody know what his age was at the time of the sinking? -Andge

  6. Robert Falange said:

    I have just registered on this website today and have not yet discovered many of its treasures, so forgive me if this query has been asked elsewhere, but..... Was the surviving passenger Pierre Marechal (described as "an aviator") any relation to (or indeed could he possibly have been..) the driver of the Aston Martin which crashed in the 1949 Le Mans 24 Hour Race in June 1949 and who died in hospital shortly afterwards?? Can anyone help? bob

  7. Robert Falange said:

    I came across the above post which I made on my debut back in July 2001 and thought it looked a bit lonely, having had no replies. I've tried to track down Monsieur Marechal on some aviation websites, but without any success. I wonder if anyone could point me towards any evidence that he was, in fact, an aviator. Was this just something which he claimed in conversation with other passengers or do we know it to be true? cheers, bob

  8. Robert Falange said:

    Oh, and just a quick afterthought to the above... I'd like to thank Phil Gowan who was able to confirm (in a private e-mail) that M. Marechal was NOT the driver of the racing car mentioned in the first post above. bob

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