Mr Pierre Maréchal

Pierre Maréchal

Mr Pierre Maréchal, the son of a vice-admiral of the French navy, was born in Paris, France, the son of Eugène Albert Maréchal and Anne Marie Alexandrine Sidonie Deguerry.

Married to Elizabeth and an aviator, he lived in Paris, France and boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a first class passenger (cabin C-47).

On the evening of 14 April Maréchal was playing cards in the Café Parisien, with Alfred Fernand Omont, Paul Chevré and Lucien Philip Smith when the collision took place.

Chevré, Maréchal and Omont were all rescued in lifeboat 7, "When three-quarters of a mile away we stopped, the spectacle before our eyes was in its way magnificent. In a very calm sea, beneath a sky moonless but sown with millions of stars, the enormous Titanic lay on the water, illuminated from the water line to the boat deck. The bow was slowly sinking into the black water."

The men later described their rescue in an article that appeared in Le Matin and The Times.

He died in Paris on 22 February 1942. He is buried in Cimetiere De Baily, Paris, France.



Pierre Maréchal

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