Rosa Pinsky

Mrs Rosa Pinsky (Pinskaya), 32, was born in Warsaw, Poland. She resided in New York (Bora Park 57th Street, Brooklyn). She seemed to have visited relatives in Warsaw and was on her way back. Mrs Pinsky was a widow and boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a second class passenger. She held ticket number 234604, price: £13. It is likely she shared a cabin with Ellen ToomeyBessie Watt and her daughter Bertha.

Rosa Pinsky survived the sinking. She was rescued (possibly with Mrs Watt in lifeboat 9).

(Russian) A woman, 33 years of age, needed hospital care. Later, because of ill health continued she returned to relatives in Russia. (case 381, awarded 200 dollars from the committee)
American Red Cross

According to the Red Cross, she returned to Russia (Poland).  What became of her is unclear but new research suggests she may have been killed in the Holocaust during 1943, and buried in a mass grave.


The Immigration Officer recorded her age as 29 and her name as "Rosee".

References and Sources

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Research Articles

Titanica! (2018) Titanic: The Disappeared
Which Titanic survivors have never been found?
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  1. Alessandro Rosario said:

    hello first, I am new here and sorry my english is bad ( I am only 14) Rosa Pinsky is a very interesting passenger but i now only that of her she was jewish she was widowed she lived in burrough park street she had relatives in warsaw she shared a cabin with mrs. watt, miss watt and with miss toomey in second class she was saved in lifeboat 9 and she return to russia (or poland ?) but what became of her, why did she return, where can i find a photo of her, did she have cildren, what was... Read full post

  2. avatar

    Arun Vajpey said:

    She used to live in Brooklyn and went to her native Poland to visit relatives. On the way back to the USA she boarded the and survived on Lifeboat #9. According to new information here on ET, the ordeal left her in poor health and unable to care for herself in America and so she returned at some stage to Poland, presumably for family support. Poland was by then annexed by Russia and she probably found it difficult to leave. Recent research (as per ET) suggests that she was still in Poland during WW2 and died there during the holocaust and is buried in a mass grave. One of the... Read full post

  3. avatar

    Arun Vajpey said:

    I contacted my sources in Russia and Israel about Rosa Pinsky and they have come up with a likely explanation based on their research thus far that is somewhat at odds with what is currently thought about her, but explains her return to Poland after the disaster. According to my source, Rosa Pinksy was NOT a "Polish-American" - at least not yet at the time. She did not actually live in Burrows Street in New York but was visiting relatives/friends there (and elsewhere), presumably with plans to move herself and her children (who were still in Poland at the time) to the US. So, unlike some... Read full post

  4. avatar

    Steven Christian said:

    Nice info. I couldn't find any of that on the interwebs when I searched before. Maybe its out there in a language I don't understand. Anyway good info. Thanks.

  5. avatar

    Arun Vajpey said:

    I have told Nikolay (one of my sources on Rosa Pinsky) about conflicting information about her visit/return to America and what's here on ET. He has his own source in Israel who has been trying to get as much information as possible about her for over 2 years. I'll post what I learn but her resting place may never be definitely known.

  6. avatar

    Steven Christian said:

    Just curious. Are your friends researching her from a Titanic perspective or a holocaust one? Or a combination of the two? Was wondering that as you mentioned your friend/source in Israel. I've visited... Read full post

  7. avatar

    Arun Vajpey said:

    disaster but is also very interested in the effects of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. Therefore, the answer to your question has to be "a bit of both", at least as far as Nikolay is concerned. I have... Read full post

  8. avatar

    Steven Christian said:

    disaster but is also very interested in the effects of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. Therefore, the answer to your question has to be "a bit of both", at least as far as Nikolay is concerned. I have never met Nikolay in person but he responded to my query about Rosa Pinsky in one of Eastern... Read full post

  9. avatar

    Arun Vajpey said:

    life and perhaps from 1912 (after she returned to Poland) till 1939. But once WW2... Read full post

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Trevor Baxter, UK
Peter Engberg-Klarström, Sweden
Nikolay Ganzha
Hermann Söldner, Germany

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