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Mr Thure Edvin Lundström was born on 8 March 1880 in Gislöf, Östra Nöbbelöv, Kristianstad (Skåne), Sweden.

He was the son of Nils Olof/Olsson (a blacksmith b. 9 July 1842 at Järrestad, Kristianstad County, d. 1 July 1929 at Östra Nöbbelöv) and Ingrid (née Olsdotter, b. 1 January 1850 at Järrestad, d. 10 December 1887). His parent married 22 December 1867.

Following the death of his first wife, Thure's mother, his widowed father married Johanna Örnberg (b. 11 March 1842) on 7 November 1890.

His known brothers and sisters were; Mathilda, b. 12 December 1868, Olof, b. 20 March 1871,  Johanna, b. 9 September 1873, Johan Anton, b. 12 August 1876, and Viktor Sigfrid, b. 18 October 1882.

He had moved to Malmö  3 May 1898 and emigrated to the USA in 1900.

A carpenter and fervently religious man, Lundström reportedly emigrated to California 1 and spent time in China between 1905 and 1911 as a missionary, learning to speak at least one Chinese language. Just before the "Boxer-rebellion" he returned to Sweden and in 1912 was travelling with his fiancée Elina Olsson to Los Angeles, California. They travelled via Copenhagen and boarded the Titanic at Southampton as third class passengers. Among their party were Mrs Sandström and her two daughters and Mrs Hulda Klasén and her party, Klas and Gertrude Klasén and Hulda Veström, all of whom were travelling to California.

Lundström told that when the ship was sinking he had placed members of his group, including his fiancée, in lifeboats but these had all capsized before he jumped into the water and was rescued by a passing lifeboat. While this cannot be disproved it is more likely that he simply got into a lifeboat (probably 15) on the starboard side where Officer Murdoch was letting men board. Few of the party he was with survived and his fiancée was among the lost.

In New York Lundström was quartered at St. Vincent Hospital and made his way to Chicago, Illinois with other Scandinavian survivors but eventually settled in Los Angeles.

He was married in Los Angeles on 31 December 1913 to a fellow Swede, Signe Louise Petersson (b. 25 August 1888). They initially lived in Los Angeles before spending a portion of time before the 1920s in Chicago, resettling permanently by the time of the 1920s in California and appearing there on census records from 1920 through to the 1940. Lundström never returned to Sweden and he became a naturalised US citizen2, working at various times as a barrel maker, parquet floor layer and painter. He and his wife had four children: Enez Mathilda (1915-2001, later Mrs Morris Simon Kasperson), Louis Daniel (1917-2000), Helen Elisabeth (1919-2003, later Mrs Stanley Frederic Peterson) and Ingrid Sylvia (1927-2006, later Mrs Carl Sigurd Wikström).

Edvin Lundström died suddenly following a stroke while on a carpentry job in Las Vegas, Nevada on 10 October 1942. He was buried on the 14th October 1942 in Inglewood Park Cemetery Los Angeles, California (division B, lot 192, Greenlawn plot).  His widow never remarried and remained in Los Angeles for the rest of her life where she died on 5 September 1976.


  1. Census reports state he emigrated in 1912. Ellis Island records indicate that he had arrived in the US at Boston in 1903 aboard the Ivernia, then described as a labourer and bound for the home of a friend in Chicago.
  2. He became a naturalized citizen of the USA 22 October 1937 (or 1919?) and he had declared he was a hardwood floor man when he applied for naturalization He stood 5'7'', had a fair complexion and blue eyes.


Thure Lundström in 1935

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Unidentified Newspaper (Las Vegas) (1942) 
Chicago Daily News (1912) 

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  1. Andrew Maheux said:

    Do you know why Thure Lundstrom was saved but his fiancee Elina Olsson was lost? And does anybody know more about her? Regards, Andrew

  2. Peter Engberg-Klarström said:

    Dear Andrew, Elida Olsson was born in Östra Nöbbelöv, Sweden (this is in the southeast of Sweden). She was on her way to her brother Olof who resided in St Paul, Minnesota. She had been working as a maid earlier, and was now looking for that kind of occupation in America. It is possible, however, that she intended to follow her fiancé Thure Lundström, to Los Angeles. For some reason they became separated during the night and he entered boat No 15 after having seen several other Swedes into boat 13. Elida was lost at the age of 31.

  3. Andrew Maheux said:

    Thanks for the information, Regards, Andrew

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