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Washington Dodge Jr. Was born on 23 September, 1907. He was the son of Henry Washington Dodge (1859 - 1919), and Ruth Vidaver (1874 - 1950).

In 1912 Mr. and Mrs. Dodge left with Washington Jr. for France, to treat Washington Sr.'s blood disease. After treatment and a vacation, the Dodge family returned on board Titanic. The family boarded at Cherbourg, Travelling as first class passengers, the family occupied cabin A-34 (ticket number 33638, £81 17s 2d). On the night of sinking, Washington helped his wife and son into lifeboat 5 before escaping in lifebloat 13.

Washington Dodge Jr. Was married on 10 August 1932 to Helen Kent Hubbard of Middleton, Connecticut. They had two sons, Jonothan Washington (b. 1933), and Kent Hubbard (b. 1936). The couple divorced. On 7 May 1941 in New York, New York, Washington Jr. Remarried to Helen Manning Brown (1904 - 1983) who had previously been married in 1926 to Herbert Dudley Hale, whom she had two children with, Helen Parrish (1927 - 1978),  and Herbert Dudley Jr. (1930 - 1973). The couple went on to have one son, Arthur Parrish (b. 1942). Washington Dodge died on 3 December 1974. He was buried in Garden State Crematory, North Bergen, New Jersey, United States.



Ruth and Washington Dodge
Ruth Dodge and Washington Jr.

Articles and Stories

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San Francisco Chronicle (1912) 


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