Mr William Arthur Lucas

Mr William Arthur Lucas (Able-bodied seaman) was born in Winchester, Hampshire, England on 21 July 1886.

He was the son of Nicholas Lucas (1850-1924), a bricklayer, and Louisa Parham (1848-1901), natives of Winchester and Wiltshire respectively 1 who were married in 1870. One of eight surviving children from a total of nine, William's siblings were: Florence Amelia (b. 1870), Eliza (b. 1872), Louisa (b. 1874), Walter (b. 1879), Alfred (b. 1882), Gertrude Ann (b. 1883), Reginald (b. 1889) and Archibald Basil (b. 1896).

Lucas had previously served in the Royal Navy.  When he signed-on to the Titanic, on 6 April 1912, he gave his address as 2 Corporation Flats, (Southampton). He transferred from the Oceanic. As an Able Bodied Seaman he received monthly wages of £5.

As Collapsible D was lowered Lucas told First Class passenger Miss Edith Corse Evans, who was standing on deck, 'There's another boat going to be put down for you' but there was no boat and Edith was left behind.

Lucas was rescued, probably on Collapsible D. He testified at the British Titanic Inquiry.

William Arthur Lucas later served on the Derwent River, the War Mehtar, Polynesia, Bellagio, and the Constance.  He is listed on his CR10 identity card as a Bosun. 

He died on 22 September 1921 at the Royal Free Hospital, Grays Inn Road, London having shot himself on a train.

Lucas was on the Leeds to London corridor express on Wednesday night, and on the arrival of the train at King's Cross was removed to hospital with a bullet wound in the right temple.

His estate valued at £142 12s 1d was left to his sister Gertrude the widow of Montague Vincent Mathias, a steward who died in the Titanic disaster.  His home at the time was 12 St Catherine's Road, Winchester.


  1. His mother would claim to be born in Wiltshire in the 1881 census. Birth records appear to suggest that this was the case but later census records have her describing her birthplace as Winchester.


William Arthur Lucas
William Arthur Lucas

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