Master William Thornton II Carter

William Thornton II Carter

Master William Thornton Carter II, 11, from Bryn Mawr, PA, boarded the Titanic at Southampton with his father William Ernest Carter, his mother Lucile and sister Lucile. They occupied cabins B-96 and 98.

William just managed to join his mother and sister in Lifeboat 4 but it was a close thing. After reluctantly allowing 13 year old John Ryerson into the boat Chief Second Steward George Dodd had demanded 'no more boys,' but Mrs Carter put a hat on young William's head and together they boarded the boat.

Carter, in his later years, never liked to discuss the Titanic disaster, but not because of the loss of life or the experience of it all. Rather, as an eleven-year-old boy, Carter never forgot the memory of having to leave behind his old Airedale behind on a leash. Lightoller would not permit the dog to get on the lifeboat (#4) with the rest of the family. Young Carter cried but was reassured by Colonel Astor that he would take care of the dog and the last young Carter saw of his beloved Airedale was John Jacob Astor holding the dog's leash. It may have been this fact that led to the rumor that Astor retreated to the ship's kennels to release the dogs that were there.

William Thornton Carter II died on 28 January 1985 at the age of 84. He was living in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania at the time. He was buried alongside his father in a huge mausoleum at West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.

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