Titanic Survivors Keep Their Wedding Quiet

New York Herald

Mrs. E. H. Smith and Mr. R. W. Daniel Married in New York Last August

PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Monday---Mrs. Eloise Hughes Smith, survivor of the Titanic disaster, was married August 18 in New York city to Robert W. Daniel, president of the Robert W. Daniel banking house, of this city and New York. The bridegroom is also a Titanic survivor. He was pulled into the lifeboat containing Mrs. Smith and Mrs. John Jacob Astor as he was sinking.

News of the wedding was not made public until yesterday and created a surprise in the social circles of the city. Mr. Daniel is a native of Richmond, Va. His bride is the daughter of Representative James A. Hughes, of Huntington, W. Va. The couple will make their home in this city.

Mr. Daniel returned from Europe last Saturday, and yesterday said that he would formally announce his marriage to the young widow to-morrow. “On August 18,” he said, "Mrs. Smith and I were married in New York. The following day I was compelled to go to London on urgent business. Owing to the war I considered that it would be difficult to care for Mrs. Daniel abroad, so I left her in this country. It was my intention to return within three weeks, but I was held up more than two months. My hurried trip prevented us from making a formal announcement of our wedding, and to-day we were making arrangements to make it to-morrow. Our intimate friends have known of the wedding so it will not come as a surprise to them.”

Mr. Daniel, who came so near meeting the fate of John Jacob Astor, Archibald Butt and the husband of the bride, declined to discuss the wedding further.

Several months after the Titanic disaster a baby boy was born to Mrs. Smith and was named Lucien Smith 2d, in honor of his father. On May 19 Mrs. Smith began proceedings in the courts of Uniontown, Pa., to recover for her son a part of his father’s estate. It was said at the time by Mr. Smith’s relatives that he left no estate and that he merely had an allowance of $500 a year while he lived.

Mrs. Smith was one of the many Titanic widows who did not approve scattering flowers upon the waves where the Titanic went down on the anniversary of the wreck and asserted that no good could be derived by reviving memories of the awful night and that it would be better to give the money that flowers would cost to the poor widows and orphans of the ill-fated ship.

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