Titanic: The Disappeared

Which Titanic survivors have never been found?


Titanic: The Disappeared

An enduring mystery of the Titanic is what became of some of her survivors.

Which Titanic survivors have never been found?

If you know what hapenned to some of these elusive Titanic survivors let us know!

This list comprises survivors with an Encyclopedia Titanica biography but no known date or place of death.

First Class passengers

  1. Eleanor Casseebeer
  2. Sarah Daniels
  3. Louis Gustave Joseph Lesueur

Second Class Passengers

  1. Asuncion Durán i Moné
  2. Miriam Kantor
  3. Elizabeth Anne Wilkinson

Third Class Passengers

  1. Erna Andersson
  2. Lee Bing
  3. Chang Chip
  4. Choong Foo
  5. Ling Hee
  6. Eliina Honkanen
  7. Ivan Jalševac
  8. Annie Jane Jermyn
  9. Ali Lam
  10. Fang Lang
  11. Virginia Ethel Martin
  12. Mantoura Boulos Moussa
  13. Nora Murphy
  14. Zād Naṣr Allāh


  1. William Clark
  2. E. Joseph Colgan
  3. James Forward
  4. Thomas Gibson Graham
  5. Fred Harris
  6. F. Kasper
  7. James McGann
  8. John J. Moore
  9. Charles H. Pascoe
  10. John Pearce
  11. John Thomas Poingdestre
  12. Kate Elizabeth Smith
  13. Frank Terrill
  14. John William Thompson

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