TITANIC TRAGEDY--Broadcast Play--Captain Rostron's Protest

The Mercury (Hobart)

Broadcast Play
Captain Rostron's Protest
LONDON, February 23.
Captain Sir Arthur Henry Rostron who was commander of the liner Carpathla,
which rescued the 711 survivors of the wreck of the White Star liner Titanic
in 1912, protests against the plan of the British Broadcasting Corporation
to broadcast a play describing the sinking of the Titanic. He says: "The
B.B.C. should think of the feelings of the relatives of the drowned and of
the remaining 700 survivors who are still alive. It would be too cruel for
anyone intimately concerned with the tragedy to be drawn into living the
catastrophe over again. Some of the scenes during the time which we on board
the Carpathia spent in the rescue of the survivors will haunt me for
ever. I will not listen in."

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