Master Albert Edward Peacock

Albert Peacock

Master Albert Edward Peacock 1 was born in Southampton, Hampshire, England on 8 September 1911.

He was the son of Benjamin Peacock (b. 1886), an engineer, and Edith Nile (b. 1885). His father hailed from Dulwich, London and his mother from Illogan, Cornwall and he was one of two surviving children born two his parents. His elder sister Treasteall was born in 1908 and another child died in infancy.

In the months prior to Albert's birth his mother and sister were recorded on the 1911 census living at 17 Orchard Place, Southampton.

His father left England in 1911 and settled in Newark, New Jersey where he worked at the power house of the Public Service Corporation and lived at 609 South Broad Street. He soon sent funds over to have his wife and children join him in America. To welcome his children he purchased a baby carriage for his newborn and toys for his daughter and was overjoyed that he would soon be reunited with them. Albert and his father had never met.

Albert, his mother and sister boarded the Titanic at Southampton on 10 April 1912 as third class passengers (ticket number 3101315 which cost £13, 15s, 6d).

On the night of the sinking and at a point when all functional lifeboats had already left the ship, young Belfast crewman, scullion John Collins, encountered a steward trying to assist a lady with two children. The steward had one of the children in his arms and the woman, holding the other child, was crying. Collins took the child off of the woman and the group set off in search for a lifeboat. They spied a collapsible boat taken off of the saloon deck and made for it but then the men forward began shouting to go aft. Just as they were turning around and making for the stern a wave washed them off the deck and the child that Collins was carrying was washed from his arms. It is widely believed that the crying woman with the two small children were the Peacocks.

Mrs Peacock and her two children were lost in the sinking. Their bodies, if recovered, were never identified.

Albert Peacock was the second youngest victim of the disaster. The youngest victim was Gilbert Danbom.


  1. Name frequently given as Alfred Edward. His birth was registered as Albert Edward.

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