Alfonso Perotti

Alfonso Perotti

Alfonso Perotti was born in Borgomanero (Novara), Italy, on 15 August 1891. In 1912 his father was dead, he had been a tailor, and Alfonso's mother, Emilia Del Piombo, lived in Borgomanero with other two sons: Luigi and Giuseppe.

Alfonso Perotti
(Courtesy: Claudio Mazza, Italy)

When he signed on to the Titanic on 6 April 1912, he gave his address as 2 Denmark Place, Charing Cross Road, London. The Titanic was his first ship. He came aboard on 10 April 1912.

Perotti sent his mother a Titanic picture postcard on 6 April 1912 from Southampton, where he wrote:

Dear mother and brothers, I have been here two days so that I can embark on the ship (on back) to go to America. I'll be back at the end of month. When you write to me, send to this address: Bowling Green Italian House, Southampton. I'am good. Ciao Ciao.

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(Courtesy: Descendants of Alfonso Perotti / Claudio Mazza, Italy)

Perotti died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified.

A tombstone on a Borgomanero cemetery bears a photograph in memory of Alfonso Perotti.

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