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Mr Alfred Charles Foster was born in Kingsworthy, Hampshire, England in early 1875 and was baptised on 25 July that same year.

He was the son of Charles Henry Foster (b. 1842), a mill sawyer, and Elizabeth Ann Macklin (b. 1843) who had married in Southampton in 1861.

Alfred had eleven known siblings: Frederick Herbert (b. 1862), Alice Amelia (b. 1864), Helen (b. 1866), William Henry (b. 1871), Harry (b. 1873), Walter James (b. 1875), Rosa Frances (b. 1877), Albert (b. 1879), Edwin (b. 1881), Frank (b. 1883) and Arthur Sidney (b. 1887).

He first appears on the 1881 census whilst living at 11 Avenue Terrace, Weeke, Hampshire. By the time of the 1891 census he and his family were living at 25 Radcliffe Road, Northam, Southampton and Alfred was described as a railway engine cleaner. He possibly went to sea shortly after this.

Alfred was married in Southampton in early 1897 to Mary Hannah Elizabeth Burton (b. 1873 in Lambeth, London, daughter of Thomas Burton and Mary Ann Brain). The couple would have two daughters, Neva Mary (b. 1898) and Leah Norah (b. 1899), both born in Southampton.

Alfred was missing from both the 1901 and 1911 census records, likely at sea. On the former his wife and children were living at 2 Church Cottages, Shirley, and on the latter at 38 North Front, St Mary, Southampton and the family ran this as a boarding house.

When he signed-on to the Titanic, on 6 April 1912, Alfred gave his address as 38 North Front, (Southampton). His last ship had been the Oceanic. As storekeeper he received monthly wages of £7.

Alfred Foster died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified.

Following the sinking his widow Mary became involved with a man named Bertie White and had a daughter with him in the early months of 1914 whom they named Sabina Gertrude. Mary and Bertie apparently never married and details about Bertie are lacking. Mary later lived with her daughters at 94 Park Road, Freemantle.

Mary and her daughters Leah and Sabina departed from England on 5 October 1922 aboard the SS Barrabool of the P&O Line, bound for Australia. She was remarried, becoming Mrs Charles King, and settled in Perth. She died there in 1960.

Foster's daughter Leah was later married to Ernest Hutchinson (1893-1969) and later died near Perth on 3 January 1987. What became of his daughter Neva is not known.

Alfred Charles Foster is remembered on the family headstone in Southampton Old Common Cemetery (section A 161, plot 69).


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  1. Christopher Foster said:

    Hello. I've been trying to do some research into this passenger, but thus far have only been able to find out whats listed on this site. I remember a relative mentioning that a Foster died onboard the Titanic but I'm not entirely sure of my relation to him (if any...), does anyone by any chance have any more information on this person, or links to somewhere I might be able to do more research? Thankyou.

  2. Bob Godfrey said:

    Alfred Charles Foster was actually a member of the crew, an engineering storekeeper. He was a Hampshire man, born in 1875 in the village of Kings Worthy near Winchester, one of a large family of at least 10 children. His father Charles was a sawmill worker and mother Elizabeth a dressmaker. In 1912 Alfred was living in Southampton with his wife Mary and 2 daughters, Leah and Vera. I don't know of any accounts of what happened to him during the sinking, but we do know of course that he did not survive and his body was never recovered.

  3. avatar

    Brian J. Ticehurst said:

    Christopher Here is a bit more on Mr Foster's family. I dont know what Mrs Foster did or was accused of to be treated so but that was the way of life in 1912. Foster, Albert. Lived at 38 North Front, Kingsland, Southampton. Occupation - Storekeeper. 37 years old. (Born in Hampshire). (From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913) Number 102. Foster, Elizabeth Ann, mother. Foster, Mary, widow. Children: Vera and Leah. All class G dependants. From the Titanic Relief Fund Minute Book number 2, Southampton Area) Date June 30th 1913. That the question of... Read full post

  4. tracy halfacre said:


  5. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    Hallo, Tracy, could you do us a wee favour and avoid posting in ALL CAPS? ALL CAPS is considered to be shouting on the internet and is actually a bit tough to read. Thanks.

  6. tracy halfacre said:

    I'm sorry for shouting,i got a bit carried away thinking i may actually be on the verge of finding out some info. I will remember in future.

  7. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    Not a problem. By the way, what ET has on Albert Foster can be found at along with a few other links that should be worth following.

  8. Richard Foster said:

    I would appreciate any information regarding Albert C Foster as I believe that he was my great grandad's brother. Our family has lived in Southampton area for generations.

  9. Debbie Benteau said:

    Okay, I am totally new to this so please bear with me while I figure it out. I notice the last post was in 2008. Is there a way to alert people of a new member joining the discussion? I recently discovered on a visit to Halifax that my great grandfather, William, was also a brother to Albert Foster. He emigrated to Canada at age 38 (through Ellis Island) in 1910 and settled in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. He then sent for his wife, Letitia, and 3 of his children who arrived through Quebec City in 1913. So my great grandmother was sister-in-law to Mary Foster. My mother... Read full post

  10. Debbie Benteau said:

    I am fairly shaking with excitement! I have been in touch with the Winchester Records Office and discovered more about Albert and his family. His parents were both born in Bishopstoke, Charles Henry Foster in 1843 and Elizabeth Ann Macklin in 1844. They were married in Southampton in September 1861. The had 9 children as follows : Frederick Herbert (1862), Alice Amelia (1865), Helena (1867), William Henry (1871) - my great grandfather, Harry (1873), Alfred (1875), Rosa Frances (1877), Albert (1879) and Edwin (1881). What was your great grandfather's name, Richard? I'm still... Read full post

  11. Bob Godfrey said:

    Hallo, Debbie. It's not likely that people who made one or two postings as guests would see any responses made years later, but you can send private (email) messages to like Richard Foster (click on his name for a small menu window). Richard seems to have made only one posting four years ago, so his membership might have lapsed or the contact details changed but its worth a try.

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