Mrs Alfrida Konstantia Brogren Andersson

Alfrida Konstantia Brogren Andersson

Mrs Anders Johan Andersson (Alfrida Konstantia Brogren), 39, was born 25 December 1872 the daughter of Anna Lovisa Brogren from Långebro, Horn, Kisa, Östergötland, Sweden.

Alfrida Anderson was married to Anders Andersson and they had five children: Ebba, Ellis, Ingeborg, Sigrid and Sigvard. They boarded the Titanic at Southampton with Alfrida's sister Anna Danbom and her husband Ernst Danbom and Anna Nysten.

Alfrida died in the sinking, her body was never found.

462 Kr and an extra sum of 184.80 Kr in damage claims was paid to the mother 15 October 1914.



Alfrida Aderssson
Svea  (1912) 
Alfrida Konstantia Andersson Anders Johan Andersson with Children

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  1. robin gautret said:

    i think i have to find some informations about andersson family, but it's writting in swedish so i can't translate their. i've one photo of the family before the birth or Ellis Andersson and at Ebba's birth. I can send it to you in lot oh time ! sorry for my english but i'm french and i'm just 13 !

  2. Christian J Cody said:

    I have some help for you. Anders and Alfrida Andersson lived in Kisa, Sweden, a city about 200 Miles southwest of Stockholm. The Andersson Family had a farm outside Kisa, where they had five children. They had four daughters and a son. Their first daughter, Sigrid, was born on April 16, 1900, followed by their second daughter, Ingeborg on the same day in 1902. Their third daughter Ebba was born on November 14, 1905, followed by their only son, Sigvard on July 21, 1907. Their fifth child and fourth daughter, Ellis was born on January 19 1910. Sometime during the winder of 1911/1912, Anders... Read full post

  3. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    send it to me, and i can try to translate it. I live in Finland, and we have to learn Swedish in school.

  4. Miranda Martin said:

    I would like to know if there are any other photos of the Anderssons apart from the one just after Ellis was born? If there are, please answer me. I would also like to know if any of the children met friends like other swedish kids? M.

  5. Miranda Martin said:

    In the photo of the Andersson family, standing at the back, are Sigrid and Ingeborg Andersson. But which one is which? I tried to see by looking at their sizes, and faces, but that doesn't work. Does anyone know which girl is which? Miranda

  6. Linda Adams said:

    Hello. I am related to the Andersson family by marriage. It was my grandfather's uncle (Andrew Zakrison) who was married to Alfrida's sister Susanna and that is the family they were going to in Winnipeg, Canada. I had heard that there were members of our family lost on the Titanic, but have only just begun to learn about them. My grandmother apparently had photos of the family, but they seem to be lost. (Alfrida was known in our family as Freda, and Anna Sigrid Danbom went by Sigrid). I understand some of those posting have photographs of the family, and I would love to have these, if they... Read full post

  7. Bob Godfrey said:

    Hallo, Linda, and welcome to the forum. A studio portrait of the Andersson family can be seen on this web page: That's the same photo which appears in Judith Geller's book (larger but cropped). If you haven't already done so, read Anna Nysten's biography entry on this site for a little more info on her life (and death) after Titanic. .

  8. Linda Adams said:

    Thanks so much Bob, for this link. I found the whole site quite interesting, as my grandparents were Swedish immigrants from Ostergotland. The Titanic Artifact Exhibition opens in my city on April 14, so the family connections will make it all the more interesting! Thanks again! Linda

  9. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    That is a great pic, but does anyone know when it was taken? What year?

  10. Bob Godfrey said:

    From the age of the youngest child, I'd say 1910.

  11. Miranda Martin said:

    Ellis (the baby) seems too big to be about two months old or younger. I think the photo was taken about June 1910. I also mesured Ebba´s size and to me she looks about the right size for four and a half years.

  12. Linda Adams said:

    I found this photo in my grandmother's photo album. It was taken in Kisa, Sweden and on the back she has written "Sigrid". I think it might be Sigrid Danbom (nee Brogren), who was a sister of Freda Andersson and who was also lost with her husband (Ernest Gilbert Danbom) and son (Gilbert Sigvard Emanuel Danbom -- youngest person lost) on the Titanic. Does anyone know of any other photos of the Danbom family that I could compare this to?

  13. Andrew Maheux said:

    Hey Linda..I found this picture of the Danboms...I believe its the mother with the baby. I forget what newspaper I found it in but I printed it from the National Archives near where I live. Sorry if its poor quality but I dont have a scanner. Andrew

  14. Linda Adams said:

    Thanks, Andrew. It doesn't really look like the same person to me, although it's difficult to tell. Can you tell me which National Archives you found it in, as maybe I can search it online and get a better copy. Thanks again for any information you can provide. Linda

  15. Miranda Martin said:

    Are there any other photos of the Andersson on Danbom families? Miranda

  16. Andrew Maheux said:

    Linda, I went to the National Library of Canada on Wellington St. in Ottawa..I think the photo is from the New York Times, in this photo her husband was in it too, to the right but it was so dark. As for any resemblence...I think mabee her nose and shape of her head are similar..but thats just a thought. Andrew

  17. Linda Adams said:

    Thanks again, Andrew. I actually found the photo you referred to on a website, but didn't bookmark it and now can't find it again (!)..I'll keep looking. It was on a site that someone had made to recognize the 95 anniversary and included many photos. Unfortunately the photos were set up so you couldn't save them.

  18. Linda Adams said:

    I found another photo of the Danboms, along with a photo and an article about the Anderssons, all in the Winnipeg Free Press of April 20,1912 all found through the Titanic Newspaper Archive , which is searchable. Pretty poor copy, but the article is interesting to read. Also lots of other information on this page about others, particularly Canadians. [Moderator's note: The photo that appeared here was surrounded by a large white space and was removed, but has been re-posted in the appropriate... Read full post

  19. Linda Adams said:

    Here is a shot of the article in the Winnipeg Free Press from April 20, 1912

  20. Linda Adams said:

    Sorry, it was too large to upload, but you can read it by going to the above url and searching with the name Danbom.

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