Mrs Anna Bernhardina Skoog

Mrs Anna Skoog was born as Anna Bernhardina Karlsson in Kinne-Vedum, Skaraborg, Sweden on 13 November 1866.1

She was the daughter of Karl Eriksson and Maria Greta Andersdotter (b. 1829) and sister to: Hugo Gilbert (b. 1862), Erik Gustaf (b. 1864), Eva Charlotta (b. 1869) and Christina Elizabeth (b. 1873).

She was married on 5 June 1898 to Wilhelm Johansson Skoog (b. 1872) and the couple emigrated shortly after and settled in Iron Mountain, Michigan where their four children were born: Karl Thorsten (b. 1900), Mabel (b. 1902), Harald (b. 1906) and Margit Elizabeth (b. 1910). The family appear on the 1910 census living in Mountain City, Michigan and her husband was described as a miner. He worked at the Pewabic Mine as an engineer and it was whilst living and working near the mines that their eldest child Karl was involved in an accident at the railroads which left him with an amputated left leg and  compromised right leg with the toes amputated from that foot, leaving him permanently on crutches. The family decided to return to Sweden around November 1911 which they did but soon regretted the move and made plans to return to America.

Having travelled via Stockholm, Göteborg and Hull, the family boarded the Titanic at Southampton on 10 April 1912 as third class passengers (ticket number 347088 which cost £27, 18s). Travelling with them were two relatives, Elin Pettersson and Jenny Henriksson, who they had persuaded to join them.

How the family coped on the night of the sinking with four young children, one of whom who used crutches for mobility, will remain a mystery and the entire family was lost with none of their bodies being recovered.


(1) Some sources give her year of birth as 1868.


Anna Bernhardina Skoog

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