Mrs Anna Sigrid Maria Danbom

Anna Sigrid Maria Danbom

Mrs Ernst Gilbert Danbom (Anna Sigrid Maria Brogren), 28, was born 10 March 1884 the daughter of Anna Lovisa Brogren from Långebro, Horn, Kisa, Östergötland, Sweden.

Anna was married to Ernst Danbom and they had a son Gilbert. They lived in Stanton, Iowa.

The Danbom family boarded the Titanic at Southampton with Anna's sister Alfrida and her husband Anders Andersson as well as Anna Nysten. They travelled as third class passengers. Anna Nysten was the only survivor. Anna Danbom's body, if recovered, was never identified.

The relatives were not considered in need of money from the relief fund. 462 Kr and an extra 184.80 Kr damage claim was paid to mother Anna Lovisa Brogren for the loss of both daughters, Anna and Alfrida.



Ernest Gilbert Danbom, Anna Sigrid Maria Danbom, Gilbert Sigvard Emanuel Danbom
Anna Sigrid Maria Danbom

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  1. Linda Adams said:

    I have posted some other information about this family under the Andersson thread, as Sigrid Danbom and Alfrida Andersson were sisters. This is a photo of the Danbom family.

  2. Linda Adams said:

    I have found out an interesting tidbit about this family from a member of my family who is more closely related to them than I am. Apparently Sigrid Danbom had a son born on March 3 1905 in Sweden (possibly out of wedlock). His name was Theodore, he was known as Teddy and he was raised in Winnipeg Canada as the son of Sigrid's sister, Susannah Zachrisson. He died on March 4 1930 and it is unknown whether he ever learned that Sigrid Danbom was his mother.

  3. Laleh Taslim said:

    Oooh, at last a thread about the Danbom family. I'm not swedish myself, but i live in Sweden in a town quite close to where they stayed when they were here for honeymoon and where little Gilbert was born. The "village" they were in is called "Horn". The first time i read the passengerlist i was chocked when i saw how many people that had died. But when i saw "boy, 4 months" i became really sad. It felt like it was something special about that little child. I thought to myself that i had to find out who he was. I found out his name and then did some research about him and his family. I was... Read full post

  4. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    Is there any other information about where they lived? Also is there any thing on Theodore, such as why he died so young?

  5. Laleh Taslim said:

    To Hildur, There are information about where the Danbom family lived, but i've found it in swedish.. Maybe i could translate some for you? I've not searched for Theodore yet. If you just give me some time, i'll try to give you some more information. Say, are you the relative to the little finnish boy whos body was found 1912 but wasn't identified until a couples of years ago?

  6. Laleh Taslim said:

    First of all, here's a link to portraits of the Danbom family just before their doomed journey on Titanic: I believe that they lived in Långebro that is a very small neighbourhood in Kisa that is in the region of Östergötland. But they were there only to visit their family. Other than that was that they were moving back to Stanton after their visit, right? I think that's about all there is about their stay in Sweden.

  7. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    Yes, Eino Panula was a distant relative of me. Say i was taught Swedish in school, (it's mandatory in Finland, old rules...) and titanic norden site is my friend Maritha's site.

  8. Laleh Taslim said:

    Sorry for your loss! Yes, i've heard that in some places in Finland, the people are tought to speak swedish. Är du bra på svenska? How cool of your friend to start the nordic titanic site! Good job! About the Danbom family. I remember that i've read one letter (on the Internet of course)from i think it was Sigrid Brogren that she sent to her family in Horn, describing their journey to Southampton. It was about them being seesick but having a good time and so on. The language in the letter was original. The had done nothing to change the language, fortunately. And i recall... Read full post

  9. Laleh Taslim said:

    I think it's kind of strange that Sigrid had a child before she was married. Was she raped maybe? 'Cause she was religious, wasn't she? It would be strange for religious people back then to have kids out of wedlock. It must have been the reason why she left her son to her sister. Right?

  10. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    Well, no i am not any part Swedish and i live in Helsinki, which is mainly Finnish, apart from Immigrant languages that fill the air. I learned Swedish in school, because everywhere in Finland we must learn Swedish. It has to do with the old reasons, such as Sweden once ruling over Finland. As for Sigrid having Theodore, well maybe she fell in love, but had Theodore before engagement or marriage, and then things went sour and she was left unmarried and with child. It may have been a mercy plea to have her sister take the child, as her sister was married and with family, therefore it would... Read full post

  11. Laleh Taslim said:

    Oh Okay..I think it's a bit annoying that you HAVE to learn swedish. It should be optional. Yeah, maybe she went through falling in love and then going through a bitter ending. These things were quite complicated and harder those times. I think she always felt bad about it even if she perhaps was not to blame, but had no other choises. If she lived in our time, then she would not have to let anyone else raise him because of shame and such (if her situation allowed it of course) Linda Adams have relatives that would know about the Danbom family. It would be really interesting to know... Read full post

  12. Melinda Laura Varju said:

    Oooh Little Gilbert was soooooo cute! ALL of the Titanic's children were sooooo cute! Sorry I REALLY love babies and children. Wow, about Thedore, I didn't even know! I wonder how the little child looked, in 1912 for example. I would have still kept my baby Teddy no matter what. But then again, he would have died with them but still. Best to be all together all the time. At least that's how I feel. Maybe she missed little Teddy, I wonder if Anna Sigrid thought, even in a spur of the moment about Teddy, that his Mommy is going to die. Sad...But maybe the situation was too panicky. But I... Read full post

  13. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    I wonder if Theodor ever knew that a) his real mother, and b)that she and his baby brother pershed? I really think on that alot and always wondered...

  14. Laleh Taslim said:

    Maybe they never told him to protect him from beeing devastated from the facts that Anna was his real mother and that she and his half-brother was killed in that accident. But, maybe they told him anyway because they thought that he had the right to know..

  15. Linda Adams said:

    Hello again. I have just returned to this site after being away for some time. The story I have about Teddie (which is about 4th hand, through my aunt, who would have heard it from her mother, who was a contemporary of Susannah Zachrisson), was that when Susannah was told of her sister's loss on the Titanic, that she blurted out "now Teddie will never know his mama!" Apparently in 1905, Susannah and Sigrid went back to Sweden for a "visit" and when they returned, Susannah had a baby with her (Teddie), although he was actually Sigrid's baby. I expect the visit may have been to cover up... Read full post

  16. Linda Adams said:

    Here is a photo of Teddie as a young man. Sorry, it is a bit is clipped out of a larger picture of him with the Andrew and Susannah Zackrisson family, where I understand he was raised as a son.

  17. Laleh Taslim said:

    Nice picture. Poor guy... Very interesting story. So Sigrid went to Sweden to give birth to Teddie? Is there any information on how she got pregnant (rape, a secret lover etc.)? Maybe that's too impossible to know 'cause as you said, these things were a big no no those days, and for Sigrid being religious it was a bigger NO NO. But her family in Sweden must have had quite big understanding for her as she travelled all the way to Sweden to give birth. Ooooh, this is getting more and more interesting:-)

  18. Linda Adams said:

    No, I don't have any information about why she would have had a son...but I don't think such things were so unusual, even then. Just not talked about. Many members of my family came from the same area of Sweden (Horn) and Hycklinge and I still have relatives there...perhaps you live in that area. You wrote earlier about a letter sent from Sigrid to her family...I think you might have been thinking of a postcard that her brother in law (Anders Andersson) sent to his family (he was married to Sigrid's sister Alfrida, who was also lost on the Titanic along with her husband and 5 children). ... Read full post

  19. Laleh Taslim said:

    How interesting. Yeah, you still do have relatives there 'cause i looked it up. There are still a few called Brogren and still living in Horn. I live in Linköping, not very far from Horn. And if i could i really would like to visit them, and especially visit that house that Sigrid and her husband and Gilbert were staying in before they left Sweden. The letter i wrote about was actually written by Sigrid herself, telling first about their journey to Southampton. That little Gilbert was sitting in Anna Nystens lap, that he earlier got sick but that he now is the happiest one. That he... Read full post

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