Mr Arthur Larned Ryerson

Arthur Larned Ryerson

Mr Arthur Larned Ryerson, 61, from Haverford, PA, USA boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg (ticket number 17608, price £262 7s 6d) with his wife Mrs Emily Ryerson and their children Emily Borie Ryerson, John Borie Ryerson and Suzette Parker Ryerson. Their eventual destination was Cooperstown, NY. Mrs Ryerson also brought her maid Miss Victorine Chaudanson.

The family were hurrying back to America after learning of the death of their son Arthur Ryerson jr. (see below). Another child Ellen Ryerson (later Mrs Salvatore) was not aboard the Titanic. She died in New York in 1973.

Unknown to Arthur was the presence on the Titanic of a distant (4th) cousin. William Edwy Ryerson worked as a steward in the dining saloon. He may also have been acquainted with Ann Isham, Arthur was a partner in her father's firm.

Arthur Ryerson was lost in the sinking, his body, if recovered, was never identified.



Arthur Ryerson
Public Ledger  (1912) 
Memorial to Arthur Larned Ryerson
Arthur Larned Ryerson

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