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Auguste Louis Coutin

Auguste Louis Coutin was born in Chambéry, Savoie, France on 7th March 1884, the son of Joseph and Joséphine Coutin.  Their address was 14, Rue Croix d'Or, Chambéry the site of a café opened by Auguste's parents sometime between 1881 and 1884.

Coutin worked at one of the 2 Gatti restaurants in London. In 1904, his address was 33 (or 35) Gloucester Street, Holborn, London.

On 30th May 1905, in London, Auguste Coutin married Ernestine Fournier. Their son Robert was born on 18th October 1904) a second child, Marcelle, arrived on 10th June 1908.  At this time his address was 29, Hellsley building, St. Pancras, London.

In 1911 Coutin was working on the Olympic, the same year he was widowed. His children returned to France to live with grandparents. Robert and Marcelle, aged 7 and 3, were registered at the Chambéry Town Hall on June 1911, it is possible that Coutin planned to settle down in France.

In 1912, his address was 37, Orchard Place, Southampton*.   On 10th April 1912, at 6.00a.m, Auguste Coutin boarded the Titanic as an Entrée Cook with the restaurant staff. He had been chosen by Gatti for the maiden voyage of the ship.

Coutin died in the disaster, his body, if recovered, was never identified. The restaurant staff consisted of 69 people, but Maitre d' Paul Maugé was the only male survivor.

A single payment  of £130 was made by the Titanic Relief Fund for the support of Auguste Coutin's parents and children.

In the Cimetière de Charrière Neuve lies the Coutin family grave. The epitaph reads (in translation)

"In memoriam : Auguste Louis Coutin, 1884-1912, died in the Titanic disaster"


* Another resident was a barber named Joseph Felton. The house were destroyed during World War one

Titanic Crew Summary

Name: Mr Auguste Louis Coutin
Age: 28 years 1 month and 8 days (Male)
Nationality: French
Marital Status: Widowed
Occupation: Entrée Cook
Embarked: Southampton
Died in the Titanic disaster (15th April 1912)
Body Not Recovered

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  1. Barry Blackburn

    Barry Blackburn said:

    Does anyone know if Walter Jackman worked in the galley of the Titanic. He is part of long family lore but I think this claim of his being on the Titanic is bogus! (at least-- it sounds suspicious-- from the story I have been told). Walter Jackman kitchen staff ??? on the Titanic? Thanks, BB

  2. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins said:

    There's no record of him on the crew lists, which I have in digital searchable form. It's a familiar tale we see regularly.

  3. Barry Blackburn

    Barry Blackburn said:

    Dear Dave, Many THANKS for getting back to me and so promptly! According to the family, an article appeared in the Detroit papers about twenty years ago (?) (I'm in Toronto--don't know which paper) profiling Walter Jackman as a survivor (a very young one--probably late teens or early twenties) who worked in one of the kitchens of the Titanic. The family member lives in suburban Detroit and vividly recalls the story etc. I was skeptical then and more so now! Thank you for helping to put this story to rest for me. Barry Blackburn

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