Mr Bertram Frank Dean

Mr Bertram Frank Dean, 25,1 was born on 30 June 1886 in London. He owned a public house together with his wife Eva Georgette Light, who was some years older than he. The couple had two children: Bertram Vere, born in 1910, and Eliza Gladys "Millvina", born in 1912.

In 1912 Bertram decided to emigrate to Wichita, Kansas where he had family and friends, and where they had a house waiting for them. He also hoped to open a tobacconist shop. Bertram sold the public house and purchased a third class ticket for his family (ticket number C.A. 2315, £20 11s 6d). The family were originally booked on another White Star liner, possibly the Adriatic, but owing to the coal strike they were transferred to Titanic. The Deans boarded the Titanic at Southampton.

On the night of the sinking Bertram was alerted to the danger by the actual collision. He left the cabin to investigate and soon returned, telling his wife Ettie to get the sleeping children dressed and up on deck.

It is not known for certain in which lifeboat Bertram placed his family. At the lifeboats he told his wife that he would follow her later but in fact Bertram Frank Dean lost his life in the disaster. His body, if recovered, was never identified.

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