Bertram Terrell

Bertram Terrell 1 was born in Southampton, Hampshire, England in late 1893.

He was the son of James Laten Terrell (b. 1852), a house painter and Sarah Ann Greenham (b. 1858). His father was native to Southampton and his mother to Weymouth, Dorset; the couple were married in Southampton in 1879 and went on to have thirteen children, losing two in infancy. Bertram's known siblings were: Percy James (b. 1879), Thomas James Peter (b. 1881), Alice Laura (b. 1883), Frank (b. 1884), Ernest George (b. 1886), Louisa (b. 1888), Walter (b. 1889), Alfred (b. 1891), Mabel (b. 1895), Arthur (b. 1897) and Cecil (b. 1900).

Bertram first appears on the 1901 census and is shown living with his family at 2 Trinity Cottages, St Mary, Southampton, an address he would remain at for the rest of his life. He seemingly went to sea at a young age and by the time of the 1911 census was described as a ship's boy, still living at home and unmarried. Sadly his mother passed away before the end of the year.

When he signed on to the Titanic, on 6 April 1912, he gave his address as 2 Trinity Cottages, (Southampton). His previous ship had been the Oceanic and as a seaman he could expect monthly wages of £5. Also serving aboard was his elder brother Frank, as a saloon steward.

Bertram Terrell died in the sinking; his body, if recovered, was never identified. His brother Frank survived the disaster.

His widowed father continued to live in Southampton where he died in 1922.


  1. Spelling of name varies. Birth registration gives the name as Tyrell and other family members are listed as Terrill or Turrell

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    Simona said:

    io cerco notizie su Terrell Bertram

  2. Simona Genta said:

    Vorrei avere notizie più approfondite sul marinaio Terrell Bertram

  3. Anna Pilley said:

    I can't be sure of this but I'm investigating my family tree and I believe this is my great great great uncle, I also believe he was the brother of Frank Terrell who was a steward on board. In the 1901 census Frank is listed to have a brother of 8- 7 years younger than him which fits your information but the handwriting is a bit hard to read, It starts with B and looks as if it may well be Bertram, but this is a guess but it would be interesting if both brothers were on board together and I'd also be interested to hear of Bertram's fate...

  4. Lester Mitcham said:

    Anna, If you follow the link you posted back to Bertram Terrell, on the right-hand side, it is part reads: Died in the sinking. Body Not Recovered I hope that helps.

  5. Lester Mitcham said:

    Anna, Looking at The Titanic Relief Fund Mansion House booklet of March 1913, the dependants of Bertram Terrell are listed as: J.L. - father, Arthur - brother, Cecil - brother and Mabel - sister. I hope that helps.

  6. Chrischillyhill said:

    Betram Terrell was born in Southampton in December 1893, the son of James Laten Terrell (1852-1922) and Sarah Ann Greenham (1858-1911) from Southampton, England. He was employed as an Able Seaman aboard the Titanic and like many of the crew had transferred over from the "Oceanic". He drowned at sea and has no known grave. He is commemorated at the Stewards and Sailors Titanic Memorial which is situated within Holyrood Church, High Street, Southampton. His elder brother Frank (Walley) Terrell was also employed on the Titanic at the time of the disaster as an Assistant Saloon Steward. He... Read full post

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