Bridget Delia Mahon

Miss Bridget Mahon was born in Derrymartin, Ballynagoraher, Co Mayo, Ireland on 5 March 1892.1

She was the daughter of Michael Mahon (b. 1841), a farmer, and Anne Cawley (b. 1856), Mayo natives who had married in Lahardane on 30 March 1889.

Coming from a Roman Catholic family that spoke both Irish and English, Bridget had five siblings: Patrick (b. 29 April 1890), Margaret (b. 3 February 1894), Michael (b. 12 September 1896), Catherine (b. 1 March 1899) and Anne (b. 11 December 1902). The baby of the family, Anne, died 11 December 1903, her first birthday. 

The 1901 and 1911 census records show the family living at house 5 in Derrymartin. Her father died on 26 February 1906, leaving her brother Patrick the man of the house. By the time of the latter census her widowed mother was working the farm with her two sons. Bridget and her sister Margaret were absent from the family home and working elsewhere in their locality as servants, Bridget to a physician and his family in Ballyrourke, Co Mayo.

Bridget was travelling to Brooklyn, New York where she had friends and family; she boarded the Titanic at Queenstown as a third class passenger (ticket number 330924 which cost £7, 15s) and was part of a large group of passengers travelling from the same district in Mayo. The group included John and Catherine McHugh Bourke and John's sister Mary Bourke; Nora Fleming, Mary Mangan, Bridget Donohoe, cousins Patrick and Mary Canavan, James Flynn, Catherine and Annie McGowan, Annie Kelly and Bridget McDermott. Also in the group was an in-law, Bridget Donohoe, whose stepmother was related to Bridget's own mother.

Bridget Mahon died in the sinking and her body, if recovered, was never identified.

Hard on the heels of her death came the premature death of her brother Michael when he died from pneumonia on 24 November 1913 aged 17.


  1. Date as per birth record; sometimes recorded as 6 March 1892/1890

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  1. sweetjess25 said:

    Hello,How are you? I stumbled across your page and had to write. First...I have been interested in the Titanic since I was young. Over the years I have wanted to know more about the people who lost their lives...especially the third class people who really never had a chance. About 9 years ago I went to the Titanic Exepition where artifacts recovered were on display. When you enter the sit you are given a boarding pass with a real passengers name on it. As you go through the displays tyou must find out if your person survived or not. The name on my boarding pass was Delia Mahon. I still have... Read full post

  2. Henry Michael Africa said:

    Hi Jessica, how far did you get with your research on Delia Mahon? She does not appear to have been given any real airtime. I cannot imagine a 20 year old who had so little of life that she did not achieve anything of life yet... Was she really just another number on a passenger list?

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