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Bridget Mary O'Sullivan

Miss Bridget O'Sullivan1 was born in Dromdeveen, Glenduff, Co Limerick, Ireland on 18 May 1890.

She was the daughter of John O'Sullivan (b. circa 1848), a labourer, and Mary Barry (b. circa 1852) who were married on 28 February 1876.

Hailing from a Roman Catholic family, Bridget's siblings were: John (b. 4 July 1878), William (b. 1 December 1879), Robert (b. 25 November 1884), Johanna (b. 20 May 1887), Ellen (b. 1  September 1888) and Mary (b. 9 September 1893).

Bridget's father died sometime prior to 1901, perhaps around 1896, and she appears on the 1901 census living in house 14, Dromdeveen with her widowed mother and four of her siblings. The family are not identifiable on the 1911 census but it is possible that the Bridget O'Sullivan, aged 20 and working as a servant in Colooney Street, Limerick City is the same person.

Her brother Robert "Bob" left Ireland in the early 1900s and settled in Manhattan where he worked as a guard at the subway; he was married to a woman named Ellen Walsh (b. 1888) on 18 June 1911 and raised a family. Her sisters Ellen "Nellie" and Johanna "Hanna" followed him to New York a few years later, around 1908, and carved out domestic careers in their adopted home. They soon sent for Bridget and it was reportedly sister Johanna who sent her the money for the fare.

Bridget boarded the Titanic at Queenstown on 11 April 1912 as a third class passenger (ticket number 330909 which cost £7, 12s, 7d) and she was destined for Manhattan. Travelling with her was her sweetheart Joseph Foley from nearby Mountplummer who was travelling to an uncle in Larchmont, New York.

Bridget O'Sullivan died in the sinking and her body, if recovered, was never identified.

Her sister Ellen was married on 4 April 1915 to John Finn (b. 1883) and they had a daughter, Mary. She died in Manhattan on 23 March 1922 and was buried in Calvary Cemetery.

Her sister Johanna (later Mrs John Ryan) died in Manhattan on 31 January 1932.

Her brother Robert died in Manhattan on 23 December 1933.


  1. Family name O'Sullivan shown in many records to have dropped the "O" prefix. Her name is often written as Bridget Mary O'Sullivan but no middle name appears on her birth record; it may be the case that if she did have a middle name that it was a confirmation name added at a later date.

Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Miss Bridget Mary O'Sullivan
Age: 21 years 10 months and 28 days (Female)
Nationality: Irish
Marital Status: Single
Embarked: Queenstown on Thursday 11th April 1912
Ticket No. 330909, £7 12s 7d
Died in the Titanic disaster (15th April 1912)
Body Not Recovered

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  1. Sarah Conder said:

    Does anyone have or know where I can find information on Third Class passenger Bridget O'Sullivan? I believe she is a distant relative, and I am unable to find any information on her. Sarah

  2. Shadow Myst said:

    Is anything out there on Miss Bridget Mary O'Sullivan? thanks, Shadow

  3. avatar

    Phillip Gowan said:

    Dear Shadow, There was some confusion at the time of the sinking as to this woman's name. Montreal papers reported that a "Bridget Mary Sullivan" of Montreal had died in the sinking and that she had previously been living there. In reality Bridget O'Sullivan (I've seen no evidence of a middle name for her) was making her first trip across the Atlantic to be with sisters already living in New York. She was accompanied by her boyfriend, Joe Foley. They apparently were well on their way to making it up to the boatdeck when Bridget decided to go back to her cabin for her purse and Joe... Read full post

  4. Caitlin Sullivan said:

    Bridget O'Sullivan boarded the Titanic at Queenstown. There is no information on her on this site or any other that I've seen. If anybody has any info on her, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  5. avatar

    Inger Sheil said:

    You may want to check out this thread, Caitlin: Phil Gowan provides some excellent information on this Irish passenger. If you possibly can, get a copy of Senan Molony's 'The Irish Aboard Titanic'. He has a fairly substantive section on Bridget, including a hauntingly lovely photo of her.

  6. Caitlin Sullivan said:

    Inger, Thank you! I'm relatively new, and haven't really gone through many of the posts, so I greatly appreciate this. Sláinte, Caitlin

  7. Caitlin Sullivan said:

    Since that thread was probably too early on for me to reply to: I read that Bridget's sister's name was Hannah. Was that Hannah O'Brien? Or another Hannah? Sláinte, Caitlin

  8. Lester Mitcham said:

    Hi Caitlin, Hannah O'Brien's maiden name was Godfrey. Bridget's sister Hanna lived and worked in New York. I hope that helps, Lester

  9. avatar

    Inger Sheil said:

    No problem, Caitlin - I know it's a forest of posts, and given the huge volume of material that's been covered on the ET board it can be difficult to find exactly what you're after. You can try entering 'O'Sullivan' in the search engine on the board - it has a few entries.

  10. Caitlin Sullivan said:

    Thanks for the information everyone. Sláinte, Caitlin

  11. Kayla Marie Demers said:

    Does anyone know about a passenger Bridget O'Sullivan, any info would be appreciated, thanks

  12. Peggy Perusse said:

    Looking for info on Bridget O'Sullivan's father's name - my mother was supposedly related to Bridget - second cousin or so. Trying to connect to my mother's family history only have one generation back. Thanks

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