Bridget McNeill

Titanic victim from County Roscommon, Ireland

Miss Bridget McNeil1 was born in Trien, Coolougher, Co Roscommon, Ireland on 29 February 1880.

She was the daughter of Roscommon natives Michael McNeil (b. circa 1836), a farmer and landholder, and Rose Coll (b. circa 1845) who had married on 28 January 1871.

Her known siblings were: Mary (b. 2 December 1871), Patrick (b. 3 March 1875), Michael (b. 6 October 1877), Martin (b. 24 May 1883) and James (b. circa 1889).

The 1901 census indicates that Bridget was illiterate at that point and she came from a Roman Catholic family that spoke both Irish and English. The family home was house 25 in Trien, Coolougher and she was described as a farmer's daughter. 

Bridget's mother Rose died 20 October 1905 from tuberculosis aged 60 and her father passed away a few years later on 21 March 1911. Bridget had emigrated around 1908 and settled in New York City; her brothers Martin and James appear on the 1911 census as residents of house 9 in Trien and both were unmarried farmers.

Bridget had returned to Ireland in early 1912 to visit her family; for the return voyage to New York she was supposed to have travelled with a Miss Beirne from her locale but Miss Beirne cancelled due to unforeseen and unknown circumstances. Bridget therefore travelled alone and she boarded the Titanic at Queenstown (ticket number 370368 costing £7, 15s). Her destination was 200 Sherman Avenue, Elm Park, New York.

Bridget McNeil died in the disaster and her body, if recovered, was never identified.

Her estate, valued at £100, was administered to her brother Michael on 11 June 1912.


  1. Spelling for surname varies across records to include McNeil and McNeill; McNeil appears to be the more consistent spelling.

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  1. Frank McCLURE said:

    Bridget was my great aunt, my mother's aunt. Treen is a small village, near Castlerea, in Co.roscommon

  2. xkeena said:

    Thank you, Frank. I visited the Titanic exhibit about 15 years ago, and everyone was given a card with a passenger name. My card had the name of Bridget McNeill. I have been trying to research her ever since. I think about her a lot. Wonder who she was, and how she got there on the Titanic. I feel rather connected to her. I named my kitten Bridget after her. It's important for people to be remembered a hundred years after they pass on, even by total strangers like me. Now I know she had a family who cared. Maybe she is one of your guardian angels now.

  3. Sean McNeill said:

    I would be interested to know where Gavin sourced some of the family information. The 1901 Census seems to show some of the brothers and sisters as children of a different Michael McNeill of Trien. I only ask as I am researching my own family history as would be grateful for more detail. Sean McNeill

  4. Frank McCLURE said:

    Bridget was my great aunt. Great to find out some more detail.i imagine Sean and I will be related. So, if you want to get in touch, that would be great

  5. Thomas Duffy said:

    Yes I agree with Sean McNeill, I too have been searching McNeill of Trien ancestry and the siblings mentioned in Gavin's biog have a different mother

  6. Frank McCLURE said:

    Bridget was my great aunt. My mother was a daughter of John and Julia McNeill who lived in Trien. Could you be related to my family? Julia was originally from Moate, Co.Westmeath, her maiden name was Adamson


    Hi: I work in Halifax at the Titanic Cemetery and I am doing some research on trying to identify one of the "unknowns" buried here. Bridget McNeill is the right age grouping for that grave. Could you give me any descriptive and eye color, height and weight, known scars or moles, etc. That information is here for the body, but there is no way to associate it with a person unless we can link the death records to photos or your information. Help appreciated.

  8. Kevin Lacy said:

    Hello All, I have been researching Bridget McNeill for many years, trying to figure exactly how I am related to her (She is, apparently, a cousin of my 1x Great Grandmother). Every year, on the anniversary of her death, I poke around online and try to see if I can find the connection. Well, this year, 2020, I came across this link (, "Bridget was to stay... Read full post


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Gavin Bell, UK

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