Mr Charles Duane Williams

Charles Duane Williams

Mr Charles Duane Williams-White, 51, a lawyer from Geneva, Switzerland, was born on 11 August 1860. He was U.S. Citizen and was from Radnor, Pennsylvania, USA. He had lived in Geneva since 1891. Together with his son Richard Norris Williams he wanted to travel back to America, where his wife Lydia Biddle Williams-White lived.

He and his son boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as first class passengers (ticket number PC 17597, £61 7s 7d).

On 14 April he sent a telegram to his brother in Philadelphia, it was sent at 6.38 p.m.

Norris Williams
8124 St. Martins Lane
Arrive Wednesday Titanic
send Marconigramm How you are
fine voyage

At around midnight, about twenty minutes after the collision, Richard and his father went to the bar and found it was closed. They asked a steward if he could open up but the steward said it was against regulations. Charles handed an empty flask to Richard. Richard's grandson Quincy II has since inherited this flask.

During the sinking he and his son were on the Boat-Deck. Towards the end they both jumped into the cold water. Just at that time funnel one fell into the water hitting him. His son swam ahead of him and saw his father killed.

His body, if recovered, never was identified.

There is a memorial to Charles Duane Williams at St David's Churchyard, Devon, Pennsylvania.

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Flask carried by Richard Norris Williams II aboard Titanic

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  1. quincy williams said:

    Correction regarding passenger Charles Duane Williams. Correct name is as previously stated. Wifes name Lydia Biddle White Williams. Wife stayed behind in Geneva. They were not traveling to US to meet wife.

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