Charles John Hurst

Mr Charles John Hurst (Fireman) was born in Southampton, Hampshire, England on 9 October 1871.

He was the son of John Hurst (1842-1927), a seaman, and Harriet Thompson (1846-1930), both natives of Hampshire who had married in 1869.

He had eight known siblings: Annie Emma (b. 1870), Mary Ursula (b. 1875), William George (b. 1877), Edward Arthur (b. 1880), James Silas (b. 1881), Ellen Eliza (b. 1883), Herbert Samuel (b. 1886) and Henry (b. 1888).

Charles first appears on the 1881 census with his family and they were listed as living at 1 Chapel Street, Millbrook, Hampshire but his seafaring father was absent. Charles himself was absent from the 1891 census, perhaps indicating that he had already commenced a career at sea. It is not certain if he ever became a full-time naval seaman but it is known that he joined the Royal Naval Reserves, perhaps sometime around 1908.

He was married in Southampton in late 1897 to Louisa Mary Olden (b. 1874 in Southampton) and together they had five children: Edwin John (b. 1898), Louis Frank (b. 1899), Leonard Charles (b. 1903) Herbert James (b. 1907) and Gladys Louise (b. 1911). Charles, his wife and first two children appear on the 1901 census living at 19 York Road, Freemantle and he was described as a steamship fireman. There is no trace of the family on the 1911 census.

When Charles signed on to the Titanic, on 6 April 1912, he gave his address as (5) Laundry Road, (Southampton). His previous ship had been the Tagus and as a fireman he received monthly wages of £6. Also serving aboard as a fireman was his cousin Charles Edward Judd, the son of his mother's sister Anna.

Charles Hurst was lost in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified. The following deat notice appeared in the Hampshire Advertiser (27 April 1912):

HURST--On the 15th inst., at sea, on s.s. Titanic, Charles John Hurst, aged 40, son of John and Harriet Hurst, of 12, St George's Road, Freemantle, Southampton.

Charles' widow Louisa never remarried and remained in Southampton where she died in 1958.

His son Edwin John was married to Lillian Lovell and they had had at least two children before his death in Southampton in 1958.

Son Louis Frank married Hilda May Pearce and had two children. He died in 1982 in Southampton.  

Son Leonard Charles never married and seems to have remained with his mother. He died in Southampton on 25 September 1965.

Son Herbert later married Violet Mary Victoria Penfold and had three children. He died in 1982 in Southampton. 

Charles' daughter Gladys Louise later married Ronald Beare and they had two daughters. Gladys died in Southampton on 16 April 1987.

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Charles John Hurst

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  1. Clive Keevil said:

    Charles Hurst was my great grandfather and was a Fireman/Stoker. My son has become very interested in his story having studied the Titanic at school. I am looking for any photos of the crew and the areas they lived and worked in. He was never found but we do have information about him and his life as well as the usual family photos. Can anyone help?? Clive Keevil

  2. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    Clive, what little ET has on him can be found . While you probably won't have too much trouble finding crew photos, finding photos of the working spaces on the Titanic herself may be quite a trick. Apparently, it never occured to anyone to keep an extensive official record of the engineering spaces, and what may have been done is either no longer extant or in private collections. There are some construction photos of the Olympic class liners engineering spaces, but they're few and far between.

  3. avatar

    Brian J. Ticehurst said:

    Clive - here is a bit of family information that might help Hurst, Charles John. Lived at 3 Laundry Road, Freemantle, Southampton. Occupation - Fireman. 35 years old. (Born in Hampshire). (Wife: Louisa). (Death Notice from the Southern Daily Echo 27th April, 1912 and the Hampshire Independent 27th April and 11th May 1912). Hurst, Charles John. Dearly Beloved Husband of Louisa Hurst, 5 Laundry Road, Shirley Warren, Aged 40. (From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913) Number 127. Hurst, Louisa, Mary, widow. Children: Edwin; Lewis; Leonard; Herbert; Gladys. All class... Read full post

  4. Miss Lisa J Beare said:

    Charles John Hurst, known to family and friends as 'Jack', was my great grandfather, who lived at 3,Laundry Road, Shirley Warren. He had 4 children, Leonard, Michael, Herbert and Gladys, who was my grandmother. They moved to 1,Laundry Road, where I lived up until one year ago. Glad had 2 daughters, Janet and Diane, my mother.I'd be interested in getting in touch as we seem to be related. How do you fit into our family tree?

  5. avatar

    Jason D. Tiller said:

    Hi Lisa, You might want to send Clive an e-mail, by clicking on his name. It appears that he hasn't logged on in a few months. Just a thought. Best regards, Jason

  6. Julia Perrin said:

    I am a grand-daughter of Charles John Hurst. Although I have maintained in Interest in his fate for many years I do not even have a known photograph of him. It sounds as if Clive and Lisa may have some. I recognise Lisa as the daughter of my cousin Diane, and presume Clive is Jan's son. If either of them ever visit this site I would be delighted to make more direct contact.

  7. avatar

    Jason D. Tiller said:

    Hello Julia, Welcome aboard. Clive is no longer a member of the board, so it is very unlikely that he will see your message. As for Lisa, she has not accessed the board since June 6, 2006. But, you can send her a message through her profile by clicking on her name.

  8. Lisa Beare said:

    Hello Julia, I changed my e mail address so may not have received any previous attempts to get in contact. I didn't hear back from Clive, assume he was a son of either Pauline or Mercia, daughters of Mike Hurst (Michael, son of Charles Hurst) as they emigrated to Australia, which is where he was living I think. My mother Diane and her sister Jan are unfortunately deceased, but I am in regular contact with Jan's daughters Sadie and Lucy. I have a large photo of Charles Hurst and will try and post it on this site sometime this week.

  9. JackLovell said:

    Hello Lisa, My name is (Murray) Jack Lovell and Charles John Hurst is my great grandfather through his eldest son Edwin John Hurst (1898 - 1958) and wife Lillian. My mother was their only daughter Gladys Hurst who married Murray Carbonel Lovell in the mid 40's. Members of the Hurst family continued to reside in Laundry Road certainly into the 60's and I remember in my early teens dropping in to cadge a cigarette from the twenty-something Diana who I had a crush on. It has been a long time since there was any activity on this post but if you do receive this I would welcome a line from you. Jack

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