Charles Lydiatt

RMS Titanic 1st Class Saloon Steward

Charles Lydiatt

Mr Charles Lydiatt was born in Huyton, Lancashire, England in early 1867 and he was baptised in that parish on 21 April that year.

He was the son of Joseph Lydiatt (1830-1919), a labourer, and Jane Fryer (1833-1911), natives of Northwich, Cheshire and Huyton, Lancashire respectively who had married in Huyton in 1858, and he had ten known siblings: William (b. 1859), Joseph (b. 1860), Edith (b. 1862), George (b. 1863), Amos (b. 1864), James (b. 1869), Henry (b. 1870), Arthur (b. 1874), Thomas (b. 1873) and Mary (b. 1875).

On the 1881 census Charles and his family are living at Derby Road Cottage in Huyton. His father is described as a domestic gardener and Charles, aged 14, has already left school and is described as an errand boy. His family are listed at 6 Birch Road, Huyton on the 1891 and 1901 censuses but Charles is absent, likely at sea at this time.

Exactly when he joined the merchant service is not clear but the earliest known record for him is in 1897 when he was serving as third steward aboard Anubis, his ship prior to that being Graceful. He would make several voyages through to 1898, later rising to become second steward aboard the same ship but joined Cunard's Lucania and spent a portion of 1899 working as a waiter aboard that liner; his address during this two year period was 26 Oxton Street, Walton. By 1903 he was living in Birkenhead and working as a saloon steward aboard Panama.

Charles was married around 1903 (as per the 1911 census) to a woman named Lizzie 1, a native of Hounslow, Middlesex who had been born around 1861. Their marriage does not appear to have been registered and it appears that they may have been a common-law couple; they would have no children and both appear on the 1911 census living at 12 Brunswick Square, Southampton, Hampshire and Charles is described as a ship's steward.

When he signed-on to the Titanic, on 6 April 1912, he gave his address as 12 Brunswick Square, (Southampton). His previous ship had been the Oceanic and as a saloon steward he received monthly wages of £3, 15s.

Charles Lydiatt died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified. What became of his wife Lizzie is not known.


  1. A family tree on identifies her as Annie Elizabeth White who eventually died in London in 1919; no documentary evidence is provided however. In 1899 a Lancashire man called Charles Lyddieth (b. 1872) who worked as an electric car cleaner married Annie Elizabeth White (b. 1879) from Warrington and they raised a family and made their home in Liverpool. This is perhaps where a case of mistaken identity has occurred.

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The Evening Telegram (16 April 1912) Charles Lydiatt
The Evening Telegram (16 April 1912) HAD LETTER LAST FRIDAY
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  1. Tracy said:

    I was looking for a list of those who were on the Titanic. Just discovered that my great-grandfather had a brother on the ship....Mr. Charles Lydiatt. Thanks Tracy Tracy

  2. pam skilleter said:

    Hi everyone, a relative of mine was a first class cabin steward on the titanic, according to official records his body,if recovered, was never identified. my question is, what happens about a death certificate in a case like this, and also where would it be issued from. My relatives name was Charles Lydiatt. hoping someone will know the answer. Pam.

  3. Bob Godfrey said:

    Hallo, Pam. Death certificates were not normally issued in the absence of a body, but for crew members lost at sea the Board of Trade's General Registry and Record Office of Shipping and Seamen issued official documents headed 'Certified extract relating to the supposed death of a seaman'. These specified the name of the ship, date and approximate location of sinking, but did not include any personal information other than the most basic - name and initials, age, place of birth, and occupation on board. The documents were supplied to applicants in 1912 for a fee of fourpence.

  4. Becky Byrne said:

    Hello, I'm new here. Does anyone have any information on Charles Lydiatt, Saloon Stewart? My maiden name is Lydiatt. Thank you.

  5. avatar

    Jason D. Tiller said:

    Hello Becky, Welcome aboard If you live in the UK, you might want to try the Public Records office in Kew. I hope this helps.

  6. avatar

    Jason D. Tiller said:

    Further to my post above, I've done a search and have found a relative of Charles, looking for information. Perhaps you and her are related, Becky?

  7. Becky Byrne said:

    Thank you Jason. I did read the little bio on Charles. I also read the article "Had Letter Last Friday" that is on this site. It was sent to The Evening Telegram on Tuesday 16th April 1912 by his brother Sergeant George Lydiatt. It doesn't say where the Evening Telegram was published. I see it was courtesy of you? I live in South Dakota, USA, so will contact the Public Records office by mail. (isn't it wonderful we communicate so easily across the seas this way!) Thank you again.

  8. avatar

    Jason D. Tiller said:

    You're very welcome, Becky. I'm glad I could help. The Evening Telegram was published here in Toronto, but it went defunct over thirty years ago. Yes, I contributed the article a few months ago. It's quite interesting, even though it doesn't provide a whole lot of information. Unfortunately, that's the only information I've been able to find to date on Charles, but I never stop searching for more. Out of curiosity, are you related to Charles? As far as communicating over the web goes, that's the beauty of it. People anywhere in the world can connect with each other, at the click... Read full post

  9. Becky Byrne said:

    I'm not sure how I'm related to Charles. My great grandfather, Leonard Lydiatt was born in England and came to America around 1911. He and Charles were close to the same age, but I have no information on either one's parents. If I find anything more on Charles, I'll be happy to share it. I have noticed that quite a few Lydiatt's have settled in Canada. Mine settled in Nebraska, USA.

  10. avatar

    Jason D. Tiller said:

    Sounds like a family mystery then. Have you tried going to any of the genealogy sites such as or to try your luck? Whereabouts did some of the Lydiatt's settle here? Also, was your great grandfather the only one to settle in Nebraska? Further to my info on The Evening Telegram; it was actually called The Toronto Evening Telegram, which was later changed to The Toronto Telegram. In 1971 it was shut down due to losing money, but several people from the newspaper started another one days later called The Toronto Sun, which still exists today.

  11. Becky Byrne said:

    There are Lydiatts in Calgary and they settled there around the turn of the century. My great-great grandfather came over from England with his wife who was a deaf mute and their 3 children. He had been married before and I have no information if he had children from a previous marriage or if he had brothers and sisters, but there seem to be quite a few Lydiatts around so he may have had some. I have seen the name spelled Lydiatte and Lydiate. I concentrate on the ones spelled Lydiatt because that name seems to be spelled the same through the generations. My dad's cousin told me it's... Read full post

  12. avatar

    Jason D. Tiller said:

    Hi Becky, Interesting bit of family history there. Yes, George did live here in Toronto, but apart from the article that's all the information I have. I can understand about the genealogy sites, they do charge an arm and a leg just to search your family history. Agreed, Charles is an very interesting individual and he was one of the many that gave up his life, so that others may live.

  13. Becky Byrne said:

    i Jason, 9. I would love to have a copy. Thank you. Becky

  14. avatar

    Jason D. Tiller said:

    Hi Becky, I was going to mention the photo, if you hadn't already seen it. I just contributed it a few days ago and it's from the article that I submitted earlier. Yes, I can send you a larger version of the image and it would be my pleasure. I'll e-mail it to you as soon as I can. Best regards, Jason

  15. Britney Lydiatt said:

    Re: I am 13 years old and about a year ago my father told me that one of my relatives, probably a cousin, had gone down with The Titanic. This is my cousin! I would like to know more about him

  16. Amie Lydiatt said:

    Re: I think that Charles Lydiatt is related to me and my family. We are also Lydiatt's and i think this is really interesting but sad at the same time. Its sad to think he was only 28 and he died, but he was on the Nicest ship in the world! the Titanic! Do you know how i can find out if he is related?

  17. Unregistered said:

    I know this was a while ago but if you are still interested Charles Lydiatt was my 1st cousin 4x removed and I do have information on the rest of his family in Liverpool

  18. Alayne Jones said:

    Charles Lydiatt was my Great- Grand Uncle

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