Mr Claus Peter Hansen

Claus Peter Hansen

Mr Claus Peter Hansen, 41, was born in Denmark on 13 January 1871 the son of Christen and Karen Marie Hansen. He settled in the United States in the 1890s and worked as a barber in Racine, Wisconsin, USA.

Peter was married to Jennie Louise Howard on 25 July, 1900 in Racine.

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In 1912 Peter sold his barber shop at 1104 Villa Street, Racine so that he and his wife Jennie could take a trip to Holeby on the island of Lolland, Denmark to visit his parents and three brothers whom he had not seen for twenty one years. The Hansens left for Europe on board the Cunarder Campania on 14 February 1912.

When the time came for Claus Peter and Jennie Hansen to return to America (their stated destination was Jennie's sister in Racine) Claus Peter´s twenty six year old brother, Henrik Juul Hansen decided to leave Denmark and accompany them to the new world. Peter bought their tickets at the White Star agent (C. Hansen) in Maribo, Lolland (south of Sealand) and the three Hansens finally boarded the Titanic in Southampton as third class passengers (ticket number 350026, £14 2s 2d).

After the collision, Peter put his wife into a lifeboat with the words: "Jennie, you had better go so that there will be one of us to tell the story back home". Peter and Henrik both perished in the sinking. Their bodies, if recovered, were never identified.

The Daily Telegraph Fund paid £20 to Claus' and Henrik's parents for both sons.

Peter Hansen is remembered on his wife's grave in Racine, Wisconsin. The monument reads:

In memory of Peter C. Hanson
Titanic Disaster
January 13, 1871-April 15, 1912.
Nearer My God To Thee.



In the Titanic's list of ticket-buying passengers, the names the Hansens gave to the ticket agent were Claus M., Jennie and Henry Hansen. In the claims for loss of life and property, Jennie Hansen was administrating the estate of her late husband, she used the name Claus Peter Hansen. It would appear that Mr Hansen went by the name "Peter" while living in Wisconsin.
According to other sources he travelled to bring his wife back to America but her death certificate clearly indicates that she was American by birth.


Peter Hansen
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Racine Journal News (1912) 
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  1. PJBIDDELL said:

    visited titanic exhibition today 9 nov 2010 02 london my ticket was for this gentleman so sad RIP

  2. Donald thillemann said:

    i live in Racine and saw her grave, too bad he could never be with her. God bless both of them!!!

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