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Daniel Coxon

Daniel Coxon
Daniel Coxon
(Courtesy of Ioannis Georgiou, Germany)

Mr Daniel Coxon was born in St Pancras, Middlesex, England on 27 August 1853, later being baptised on 18 September that same year in Old Church, St Pancras.

He was the son of Daniel Coxon (b. 1818), a carpenter, and Ann Myall (b. 1823), natives of Derbyshire and Somerset respectively.

Daniel Coxon senior had first been married in London on 10 February 1846 to Elizabeth Myall (b. circa 1821) and with her had a daughter named Elizabeth Sarah (1846-1849) who died in infancy. His wife Elizabeth appears to have died in late 1850 or early 1851. He was remarried on 13 May 1853 to Ann Myall, Elizabeth's sister, and with her had eight children: Edwin (b. 1851), Daniel (b. 1853), Elizabeth Sarah (b. 1855), John Myall (1857-1940), Henry (1859-1899), Alfred (1861-1949), David William (1863-1950), Arthur (1867-1891) and Mary Ann Myall (1869-1953).

Daniel appears on the 1861 census living with his family at 25 Oak Village, Kentish Town, Middlesex. The family were shown at different addresses in Kentish Town for the 1871 through 1891 census records but Daniel was not listed with them. He had emigrated to the USA in the early 1880s (although family sources indicate he had emigrated to Canada in the early 1870s before crossing into the USA) settling in Merrill, Wisconsin. He was never married, apparently always living alone, and the 1900 census describes him as a labourer; by the time of the 1910 census he was described as a street popcorn vendor. Contemporary news reports also describe him as a "cripple" and also show that he was well-known in his community by the moniker "Popcorn Dan."

Back in England his mother had passed away on 14 July 1895 in a fire whilst she was a resident of 10 Gospel Oak Grove, Kentish Town. She had reportedly fallen down stairs whilst carrying a paraffin lamp, setting herself alight and being burned so severely that she died within hours. His father died on 19 February 1900 and Daniel's siblings continued to live in the Greater London area.

Whilst it is believed Daniel had made a previous return to England in previous years 1, he returned to Britain aboard the New York on 22 December 1911, travelling in third class aboard the same steamer that almost collided with Titanic in Southampton docks four months later. Whilst in England he resided at 38 Rockford, Kentish Town, London, presumably the address of one of his siblings.

Reportedly delaying his return to the US so that he could travel aboard the new steamer Titanic, he boarded that vessel at Southampton as a third class passenger (ticket number 364500 which cost  £7, 5s).

Mr Coxon lost his life in the disaster and his body, if recovered, was never identified.


  1. A Daniel Coxon, aged 35, arrived in Southampton aboard the American Line's Philadelphia on 15 October 1904. Whilst the ages are wildly conflicting, Daniel was shown on US census records to have been shaving up to two decades off his age and it is likely that this is the same person.

References and Sources

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Newspaper Articles

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Letter from Titanic victim Daniel Coxon


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  1. robin ayotte

    does anyone know anything on daniel coxon, i have info on a man named popcorn dan who was suppose to be on the titanic and died coming home to merrill wisconsin, just wanted to know if they were the same person. popcorn dan was a caretaker in merrill.

  2. Dave Gittins

    Robin, this site has very little on Daniel Coxon, beyond the fact that he was aged 59 and was going to Merrill. You may find an answer in a local paper from 1912. These often have little stories about local identies who were not covered by the big city papers. Popcorn Dan might have been a colourful character who attracted attention.

  3. robin ayotte

    hi i did find out more about dan, his real name is dan coxin and he was on the titanic, there is a lot more interesting stuff to say about him but i have to get it all together first sorry will write more tonite.

  4. robin ayotte

    dan was known as popcorn dan, he got the nickname because he used to set up his popcorn stand at different public gathering. dan only had 1 arm, and he was a care taker in Merrill, Wi. and he live in Scott's Mansion. you can read about it on the web.

  5. Deb Daubert

    Hello, I am wondering why the wrong photo is now used for Daniel Coxon? The one currently being used is one of his nephew David. I ask because I am searching for an image of the real Dan Coxon to use for an exhibition on Wisconsin connections to the Titanic. So can we get the real image back please on this website and does anyone know where to find an image to use of the real Dan Coxon? Family history of the Coxon family can be found on website Thanks Deb

  6. Scott Friedman

    Scott Friedman

    The other photo is still out there, on this website:

  7. Encyclopedia Titanica

    I have this in the et files but I'm not quite sure where it came from

  8. Ioannis Georgiou

    Hello, the one currently at his ET Biography is from me. The photograph is from my original Newspaper "The Southend and Westcliff Graphic" dated 26 April 1912 and has the following description: "Mr. D. Coxon brother of Mrs. Mayo, of Tunbridge Road, one of the victims of the Titanic disaster. (Photo, A. L. Shepherd)." Unfortunately there is no other information given. Is it sure it is the wrong Coxon?

  9. Deb Daubert

    Well there were a lot of Daniel and David Coxon's, in that branch of the family-so could see where there might be a confusion. Could yours be possibly a younger photo?--except for coloring of the eyes--which cannot see clearly in your image-but one newspaper and the other a photo-so eyes might not be shown in print version clearly. This older gentleman looks more as he had been describe in Merrill, WI, and other sources of the time, in terms of age and especially the arm to the right which looks crippled, which he said to have. It would be great to know the source of the older gentleman's... Read full post

  10. Deb Daubert

    Ioannis, could you photograph that page and post it or send me a link to find it? May give clues to more information. I tried to... Read full post

  11. Deb Daubert

    Do we have a description of Dan Coxon? The color of his eyes might help! Thanks

  12. Deb Daubert

    Thanks Ioannis for the images. The Southend & Westcliff Graphic was a newspaper, but I cant get it over here off of NewspaperArchive, So appreciate you sending. It is a mystery as I just do not think it is an... Read full post

  13. Paulwaid5

    Hello, the one currently at his ET Biography is from me. The photograph is from my original Newspaper "The Southend and Westcliff Graphic" dated 26 April 1912 and has the following description: "Mr. D. Coxon brother of Mrs. Mayo, of Tunbridge Road, one of the victims... Read full post

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Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Mr Daniel Coxon
Age: 58 years 7 months and 19 days (Male)
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Single
Last Residence: in London, England
Occupation: Dealer
Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 364500, £7 5s
Died in the Titanic disaster (15th April 1912)
Body Not Identified

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