Edgar Samuel Andrew

Edgar Samuel Andrew

Mr Edgar Samuel Andrew was born in "El Durazno" (San Ambrosio), Province of Córdoba, Argentina, on 28 March 1895, the son of English parents, Samuel and Annie (Robson) Andrew, from Whitby, Yorkshire.

On 5 May 1911, Edgar arrived in New York from Argentina on board the Vasari to visit his brother Alfredo. He would then go on to study in Bournemouth, England. A year later he was invited by Alfredo to attend to his wedding in the USA and, eventually, stay for a working position in his fiancée's (Harriet White Fisher) company (Fisher & Norris Anvil Works, of Trenton, New Jersey). He was supposed to board the Oceanic but owing to a coal strike he was forced to change his ticket and go aboard the Titanic instead.

On April 8, 1912, Edgar wrote a moving letter to his friend Josey Cowan from Argentina:

You figure Josey I had to leave on the 17th this (month) aboard the "Oceanic", but due to the coal strike that steamer cannot depart, so I have to go one week earlier on board the "Titanic". It really seems unbelievable that I have to leave a few days before your arrival, but there's no help for it, I've got to go. You figure, Josey, I am boarding the greatest steamship in the world, but I don't really feel proud of it at all, right now I wish the 'Titanic' were lying at the bottom of the ocean.

On the morning of Wednesday, 10 April 1912, Edgar arrived in Southampton by train and boarded the Titanic as a second-class passenger (ticket no. 231945, £11 10s). On the afternoon of that same day, while on their way to Cherbourg, Edgar bought a postcard in the barbershop, which was sent to his brother Wilfred on the farm in San Ambrosio. Later on, in the reading and writing room, he wrote:

"From this colossal ship I'm pleased to greet you. I'll be arriving in Ireland today, where I will spend a few hours. On its first trip I'm inaugurating this... (illegible)." - Edgardo.

Edgar Samuel Andrew
Courtesy of Enrique Dick, Patricia Andrew, Argentina

Edgar Samuel died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified. Both, the postcard and the letter have remained in the family.

In April 2001 RMS Titanic inc. salvors in possession of the Titanic wreck site claimed to have found a suitcase belonging to Edgar Andrew and were restoring its contents.

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    Hi, Doug! I agree with your heartfelt sentiments about Nestor's terrific website. It would be great if other folks could crate similar websites devoted to other Titanic passengers and crewmen with whom they feel a special affinity; just think of all the great, in-depth research that could be shared in that manner! Take care, my friend, and enjoy your upcoming get-together with Phil Gowan, Randy Bigham and Pat Cook (and breathe a sigh of relief that Geoff Whitfield won't be showing up.) :-) All my best, George

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