Mr Edward Thomas Lockyer

Edward Lockyer

Mr Edward Thomas Lockyer was born in Sandhurst, Kent, England on 3 November 1892.

He was the son of Frederick Lockyer (b. 1859) and Jane Masters (b. 1860). His father, a clock and gunsmith, also hailed from Sandhurst and it seems, a long line of watchmakers. He was married to Jane Masters, a native of the village of Northiam in Sussex, in Kent in 1879 and went on to produce fifteen children.

Edward's siblings were: Millicent Martha May (b. 1880), Frederick Charles (b. 1881), Ernest (b. 1883), Herbert John (b. 1884), William b. (1886), Annie (b. 1887), Frank b. (1889), Harry (b. 1890), Edith (b. 1895), Arthur (b. 1896), Ethel (b. 1898), Agnes (b. 1900), Mary (b. 1902) and Sydney James (b. 1904).

In the year prior to Edward's birth his family were listed on the 1891 census living at Angel Cottage, Sandhurst and when Edward first appeared, on the 1901 census, he was resident at the same address and his family would continue to live there, appearing on the 1911 census at that address. Edward was not listed with his family on the latter census and was recorded elsewhere boarding at Wilds Cottage Pound in East Peckham, Kent and he was described as an unmarried assistant grocer and draper. Prior to travelling on the Titanic he had lodgings at 57 Lyall Mews, London.

Edward boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a third class passenger (ticket number 1222 which cost £7, 17s, 7d) and he was travelling to Ontario, Wayne County, New York where he would be reunited with a friend, Mr E. J. Robbins. During the voyage he became acquainted with a large group of similar-aged passengers who included Emily Badman, Sarah Roth, Edward Dorking, Thomas Theobald, and the Goldsmith family.

Edward Lockyer died in the sinking and his body was later recovered by the Mackay Bennett (#153) and buried at sea on 24 April 1912:

NO. 153. - MALE. BROWN - HAIR.

CLOTHING - Blue jacket; grey vest; black pants; black boots.

EFFECTS - Scissors; keys; silver watch and chain; medal marked "F.S.S."; R.S.P.C.A. medal; glasses; two knives; 5 studs; 8s. in purse.



His father Frederick received his effects in July 1912.

Silver watch and chain,
Medal marked "F.S.S.",
Medal, R.S.P.C.A.,
Two knives,
Five (5) studs, One tie clip,
8 sh. in purse,


His parents also received weekly financial support from the Mansion House Relief Fund and both remained living in Sandhurst. His father Frederick died in 1919 and his mother in 1937.


There was a brass tag on his keys with the inscription "Property Ins. leo. Ltd., No. 138809, Return to 35 Moorgate St. London E.C."
His ticket number was actually 1222 as indicated on the the contract ticket list and the passenger list of the purser McElroy states.

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Edward Thomas Lockyer
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  1. Kryten said:

    Great and informative site...I think I may have traced one of my ancestors. Any information anyone's got on Mr Edward Lockyer would be gratefully recieved. Kryten London

  2. Rick Lockyer said:

    I am trying to discover where Edward Lockyer's body was interred, also any clue as to his background and reason for travelling. His body number is 153 and his third class ticket number 1125 (although another source has given 1222). This is for my Lockyer web site.

  3. George Behe said:

    Hi, Rick! Mr. Lockyer's body was buried at sea. Could you kindly give us the URL of your Lockyer website? Thanks! All my best, George

  4. Chris Dohany said:

    White Star records show his ticket number to be 1222. As you point out the body records show a slightly different number. I would go with the White Star number. Chris

  5. Rick Lockyer said:

    Many thanks to you both, George and Chris for your replies. I am very impressed with the interest shown, and with the whole site. There is still a possibility someone may know something about Edward's background. My URL is: .I'll look forward to your visit George.

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