Miss Elin Natalia Pettersson

Miss Elin Natalia Pettersson was born on 19 July 1893 in Österplana, Skaraborg, Sweden.

She was the daughter of Gustaf Pettersson (a crofter, b. 14 December 1865 at Österplana) and Anna Natalia Andersdotter (b. 13 March 1870 at Forshem). Her parents had married 28 March 1890.

Her brothers and sisters were Elin  Maria, b. 20 June 1890 (d. 16 July 1890), Axel Wilhelm, b. 24 June 1891, Harald William, b. 18 September 1895, Swen Fridolf, b. 5 March 1898, and Åke Gunnar, b. 11 Januar 1908 at Medelplana. All of her siblings except Åke had been born at Österplana.

The family lived at Hällekis in Skaraborg.

For a period Elin had been living in Stockholm with relatives, possibly her cousin Jenny Henriksson. The two had reportedly been enamoured with the idea of settling in America and it was not until the Skoog family, with whom they were related, came back to Sweden from that country but were deciding to return that the two young women elected to travel with them.

Elin and Jenny, along with the Skoog family, boarded the Titanic at Southampton as third class passengers (she travelling on ticket number 347087 which cost £7, 15s, 6d). They were travelling to Olaus Rask, 805 East 2nd Street in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

Elin died in the sinking and her body, if recovered, was never identified.

The Mansion House Fund paid 874.08 Kr (£48) to parents and a further 455.50 Kr (£25) damages were later paid on 15 July 1914.


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  1. T7562502007 said:

    "Poor Little Nellie" , as she is/was known in the family was my wife's aunt. The family later emmigrated to Scotland.

  2. Ruddy Ford said:

    I think that Nellie had 28 or 29 years old when she died. Because if she was born in 1883 and the Titanic sunk in 1912 is impossible that she had had 18 as this article says at the beginning. So. Whe Nellie was born in 1883 or 1893?

  3. Beverly Johnson said:

    My grandfather, Carl Johansson, was born also on the property of Hellekis Feb. 1882. His father was the master gardner at Hellekis. Contact me for further information.

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