Mr Farīd Husayn Qāsim Al-Munà

Mr Farīd Husayn Qāsim Al-Munà (Hussein Kassem Abd Al Khaliq) was born in Shānā, Lebanon around 1893.

Aged 18 in 1912, Farīd worked as a farmhand in his native Shānā. A relative (presumably a cousin), Nāsīf Qāsim Abī-Al-Munà, had been living in the USA since 1903 and had established himself as a successful merchant. He had returned to Shānā around late 1910 where he married before making plans to return to America; Farīd would be joining him on his return across the Atlantic.

Farīd boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg on 10 April 1912 (ticket number 2700 which cost £7, 4s, 7d) as a third class passenger. Travelling with him, besides Nāsīf Qāsim Abī-Al-Munà, was another young relative, 11-year-old Husayn Mahmūd Husayn Ibrāhīm, and his destination was to be Fredericksburg, Virginia, where Nāsīf made his home.

Farīd Husayn Qāsim Al-Munà died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified. Nāsīf Qāsim Abī-Al-Munà was the only survivor from their small group and though interviewed in later years about his experiences on the Titanic, makes no mention as to the fate of Farīd.


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Gavin Bell, UK
Leila Salloum Elias, USA

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