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Frank Hubert Maybery
(Courtesy of Hannah Dobrowolska, UK)

Frank Hubert Maybery, was born in the district of St Mathew's, Ipswich on the 30th November 1875 1 the son of Valentine William Maybery (the Congregational Minister of Burlington Road, Ipswich) and Clara Susan Maybery, née Sinnock. He had four siblings: Annie and Alfred (both older, born in Stoke Sub Ham, Somerset), Arnold (born in Ipswich, Suffolk) and Winifred (born in Bristol). Frank's parents appear to have both died prior to 1881.

On the 10th June 1907 Frank married Frances Ella Hadfield 2 at the Greenacres Chapel, Oldham, Lancashire.

Frank Maybery and his brothers Alfred and Arnold, and sisters Annie and Winifred emigrated to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, together with Mrs Eliza Gibbons their aunt who looked after the young Maybery children after their parents died 3. The brothers went into partnership as Real Estate Agents in Moose Jaw, then a rapidly growing city, where they specialised in selling farm land.

All the family were active members of St Andrews Presbyterian Church and the brothers are remembered as men of "religious habit, definite and clear in thought and deed".

Frank's wife Ella was much troubled with a serious eye complaint, because of which the family decided to return to England, where she could get up to date medical treatment, so in 1911 Frank brought his wife and their two daughters, Joyce Noel and Ruth Enid back to England. After settling them at St Paul's Road, Weston-Super-Mare 4 Frank returned to Canada to settle up his affairs 5, boarding the Titanic at Southamption as a second class passenger (ticket number 239059, £16). He was joined at Queenstown by a family friend, The Rev. Charles Kirkland.

Maybery died in the sinking, his body, if recovered, was never identified. His and Ella's third daughter, Nancy Frances was born early in December that year.

1. This date is from family sources, another source gives the date as 13 November 1872 in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. The 1875 date is corroborated by the 1881 census.
2. Ella Hadfield was born on the 10th November 1880 in Fajawe, Uvea, in the District of the British Consulate at Noumea. Her birth was registered in Noumea on the 22nd November 1901, by letter from her father James Arthur Hadfield, this was done to make sure Ella was registered as a British citizen, as the Loyalty Islands at that time, were administered by the French. Ella's father was a Congregational Missionary based on Lifu, one of the Loyalty Islands in the Pacific. Her mother was Emma Foster Hadfield. Ella Maybery died at Caradon, Winscombe, Somerset on the 7th December 1968, aged 88 years old.
3. It was with Eliza and her husband William Gibbons at their home on Asley Hill, Bristol that the siblings were living at the time of the 1881 census.
4. Other sources give the address as 1 Whitecross Road, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset
5. According to another source, in January 1912 Frank's brother Alfred had been elected Mayor of Moose Jaw and called upon Frank to come back to Canada to look after the business while he tended to his civic duties.

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Steve Coombes, UK
Hannah, Dobrowolska, UK
Ruth Fox, UK (née Maybery)
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  1. Lesley Miller said:

    I am a Sinnock descendent and doing genealogical research on the family and would very much like to contact any of the people who posted the details of Frank's life on the 2nd Class Passenger List. Lesley

  2. Paul Hadfield said:

    Hi Lesley I didn't contribute originally, but have just now commented subsequently. Ella was my great aunt. We had heard that Frank was himself the mayor of Moosejaw, so it sounds as if that now needs checking. I know of anthropologist and contributor Hannah Dobrowalska (nee Ivory), with whom my father (now aged 97) was in... Read full post

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