Mr Frederick William Pengelly

Mr Frederick William Pengelly was born in Calstock, Cornwall, England in the closing months of 1892, later being baptised on 2 December that year.

He was the eldest child of William John Pengelly (b. 1868), a tin miner, and Sarah Jane Eva (b. 1873),  both natives of Calstock who were married in the closing months of 1891.

He had three siblings: William James (1895-1967), Lilian Beatrice (1898-1957, later Mrs Samuel James) and Russell Charles (1900-1902).

He appears on the 1901 census living at Todworthy in Calstock. His father died aged 33 before the close of the year and hard on the heels of his loss came the death of the baby of the family, Russell, who died in early 1902 having not reached his second birthday.

His mother remarried in 1904 to Silas George Reynolds (1882-1958), a granite quarryman, and from this union Frederick gained three half-siblings: Doris Gwendoline (1905-1977, later Mrs Frederick Howell), Silas George (1906-1961) and Winifred Eva (1907-1987, later Mrs Frederick Ephraim Mortimore).The family are shown on the 1911 census living at Chilsworthy Beam in Gunnislake, Cornwall but Fred was not listed with them and his whereabouts at the time are not clear. He, like his father, also worked as a miner.

Originally planning to travel on another steamer but forced to switch due to the ongoing coal strike, Frederick boarded the Titanic in Southampton as a second class passenger on 10 April 1912 (ticket number 28665 which cost £10, 10s) and he was travelling with three friends, William Ware and the Gale brothers, Harry and Shadrach. His intended destination was to his step-father, Silas George Reynolds in Butte, Montana where it is believed he was intent in working in the mines.

Frederick Pengelly died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.

His mother Sarah Jane died in Cornwall in 1956 whilst stepfather died in Lamerton, Devon on 13 August 1958.

His brother William, a stonemason, later emigrated and settled in Michigan where he worked in an auto factory, was married and had two daughters. He died in San Bernardino, California on 23 April 1967.


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  1. donaldlpengelly said:

    My great grandfather was named Thomas Pengelly. He was born in England in 1832 and died in Pachuca, Mexico in 1888. He was married to Jane Brown Pengelly. She also was born in England and died in Pachuca, Mexico in 1874. Thomas moved from England to work in the Silver Mines in Pachuca, Mexico. Jane Brown Pengelly was a dress maker. One of thier sons was named Fredrick. Fredrick Pengelly (my grandfather) managed a large ranch for one of the mining companies. Fredrick Pengelly was married to Mary Elizabeth Rogers Trelease. They had many kids. Two of my uncles (Uncle Albert and Uncle... Read full post

  2. louis l fleissner said:

    dorthy pengelly west lives in frirndswood, texas and is 93 years ol.d

  3. Kris Snell said:

    Frederick William Pengelly was my first cousin once removed, my Dads first cousin. His father was my Grandmothers brother.

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